Walking Dead Predictions – ep 504 Slabtown

This is the Beth episode and things are not looking too good for her in the previews.  We also get to learn who is with Daryl as he returns to the group.  I… Continue reading

31 Days of Halloween 31 – Did the Venus probe cause this zombie mess?

The horrors associated with nuclear fallout and radiation poisoning gave Night of the Living Dead (1968) an excuse to explain the zombie outbreak.  This Cold War anxiety has been seen in all kinds… Continue reading

31 Days of Halloween 30 – The Ring likes to explain things

When I watched this movie for the very first time, I thought The Ring (2002) was really scary.  I still think the same thing, but with the added complement that it has atmosphere.… Continue reading

31 Days of Halloween 29 – The Exorcist attacks

There has been no other horror film that has received as much attention as The Exorcist (1973).  It riled up almost everyone upon release, including the Church, the media, and movie goers, of… Continue reading

31 Days of Halloween 28 – Bram Stoker’s Dracula is worthwhile

Dracula has been featured in over 200 films, and Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992) is one of the best.  Just based on the visual nature of the film, Bram Stoker’s Dracula is unique.  I… Continue reading

31 Days of Halloween 27 – Funny times in American Werewolf

The difference between this and The Howling (1981) is that the comedy actually works a whole lot better.  The funny thing about the comedy (pun), is that it feels weirdly uncomfortable, like a… Continue reading

Top Ten Worst Movie Endings

The ending of a movie is the lynch pin that holds the whole story together.  Without a good resolution, the audience is not going to be satisfied.  There have been many an unsatisfied audience… Continue reading

31 Days of Halloween 26 – Why do we like Hannibal the serial killer?

At the end of the day, most audiences liked the ending to Silence of the Lambs (1991), where Hannibal Lecter plots revenge against his jailer.  Why is this?  Are our empathic buttons pressed… Continue reading

Walking Dead Spoiler – Who is with Daryl?

The Walking Dead producers have hit gold with a mystery as big as who shot JR!  Uh, well, not really, but it’s close!  Daryl is with a mysterious person at the end of… Continue reading

31 Days of Halloween 25 – Shaun of the Dead

If you’ve never heard of this movie, shame on you, because it is a classic zombie horror comedy.  Mixing horror and comedy is not easy to do.  The Raven (1963) did it and… Continue reading

Walking Dead First Impressions – ep 503 Four Walls and a Roof

The Hunters drop off Bob at the group, but nobody has any safety in their Four Walls and a Roof.  A lack of safety is the main theme in episode 503.  Abraham probably feels… Continue reading

Top Ten Remakes Wish List

Here’s ten things Hollywood could remake that I would actually watch.  It’d fit right in with the trend of every stupid thing Hollywood is doing these days, but could be entertaining if done… Continue reading

31 Days of Halloween 24 – Michael Myers kills dogs

Did you know Michael Myers only killed six people and two dogs in 1978’s Halloween? It is never explained why he does what he does. The series later tried to explain that the… Continue reading

Does Ultron have some Masters in Avengers 2?

Spoilers:  The Masters of Evil have had several leaders in Marvel comics history, not the least of which was Ultron.  Ultron-5 led a version of the Masters of Evil, which was an evil… Continue reading

31 Days of Halloween 23 – The Vanishing is about knowledge

Ironically, I got the years all mixed up for The Vanishing (1988), a film about knowledge. This thriller was originally a novel by Tim Krabbe, then was broadcast on BBC radio in the… Continue reading

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