The Walking Dead Predictions – Crossed ep 507

This week on The Walking Dead, we get time with all our survivors as this episode sets up for the midseason finale.  This has me dreading an hour-long snoozefest of filler, but hopefully… Continue reading

The Ghost and Mr Chicken plus the legacy of syndication

The Ghost and Mr. Chicken (1966) is Don Knotts’ best movie.  Many, many familiar faces from television fame appear and the movie feels like a fun, television comedy show.  Don Knotts is a… Continue reading

Nikita (1990) is a 30 year old’s teen dream

 Le Femme Nikita (1990) stars thirty year old Anne Parillaud as Nikita, a young junkie who gets into all sorts of trouble and goes on all sorts of adventures. This movie is clearly a… Continue reading

The Terror is one of the most unique movies ever

The Terror (1963) may be terrible, but it is one of the most unique movies ever made.  This movie was made with leftovers from another movie, The Raven (1963).  It has all the stars… Continue reading

Flashback TV #2 = Highlander the Series (1992)

Highlander the Series stars Adrian Paul as Duncan MacCloud, an immortal from the exact same clan as Connor MacCloud, who was played by Christopher Lambert in the 1986 movie.  The series takes all… Continue reading

Top Ten Ways Batman can beat Superman

Okay, so it’s a given Superman can beat Batman in about five seconds, but Batman still has a few tricks up his sleeve.  I have a list here that has a few of… Continue reading

The Walking Dead Review – Consumed with Carol and Daryl

Flashbacks have been used repeatedly in season 5 of The Walking Dead and “Consumed” was no different.  I was actually surprised the episode began this way, although it was pretty effective in spotlighting… Continue reading

Flashback TV #1: Star Trek, the Animated Series

Star Trek: The Animated Series was shown in 1973 after the cancellation of the original series.  The first episode is a called “Beyond the Farthest Star” and its a short primer to the series.… Continue reading

THX1138 = Most Allegorical Film Ever?

 THX 1138 (1971) is based on an earlier short George Lucas did in 1967, but he made the ’71 version into the most allegorical film ever, where words, actions and things have a deeper meaning.… Continue reading

The Walking Dead Predictions – ep 506 Consumed

Episode 506 of The Walking Dead, entitled “Consumed”, probably takes place before episode 505 and 503.  It takes place at the same time as 504, the Beth-spectacular Slabtown.  The opening to Consumed can be seen… Continue reading

Space Week #4 = Prometheus (2012)

I’m going to toss out all the nitpicking crap that I usually post, because this movie goes above and beyond as a space film, and is a credit to the science fiction genre,… Continue reading

Space Week #3 = Battle Beyond the Stars (1980) cashes in

Battle Beyond the Stars (1980) is one of the many films released in the 80s made to cash in on Star Wars.  Filmmakers saw the phonemenal business Star Wars was doing in theatres… Continue reading

Top Ten Interpretations of 2001: A Space Odyssey

Since 2001 doesn’t explain a darn thing, it can be interpreted a lot of different ways.  It is up to the viewer to decide.  After you take something for a headache, you might… Continue reading

Space Week #2 – No independence on the Moon (2009)

Sam Rockwell plays Sam in Moon (2009), an independent film.  The studio may be independent, but the main theme of the movie is independence too.  The people of Earth want to be independent… Continue reading

Space Week #1 – Silent Running isn’t silent about its message

Silent Running (1972) is a melodramatic environmentalist movie, but has been a big influence on the science fiction genre.  The story is about a man who chooses to ignore orders from a futuristic Earth government… Continue reading

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