Review of Walking Dead season 4 episode 4

walkingtitleThe Lowdown: The Walking Dead’s season 4 episode 4 entitled “Indifference” certainly isn’t descriptive of the episode.  It was a dive into character development and had many implications for Carol.  Carol was pretty emotional considering the confrontation she got into, but I think her character has changed quite a bit from when she first joined the group.  This change is showcased in this episode.  She herself was a meak character and now she is as cold as it comes, even killing in cold blood.  Although Rick himself has done the same, I don’t think that case was as calculated and premeditated as the twin Carol killings. Rick showed his decisiveness, but also his fear, and banished Carol never to return to the prison.

What Really Happened:  This episode touched on a lot of things still happening to the group and covered some character development during group survivalist scavenging.  We also pretty much found out who was feeding the walkers because I think its pretty obvious at this point and somewhat a key developing point for that particular kid character.   Although without Carol, I am curious how the kids will continue to develop storywise.

Many of the characters were doing some of the same things as in the previous episode.  Hershel was still being a doctor and Tyreese was so angry I thought he was going to grow into the Hulk or something.  I mean, calm down.  He knew a girl for a few days and now wants to kill everybody.  I don’t get it.

Daryl really shined again in this episode and I can see why people like the character, as well as the guy playing him. He’s a great guy on screen and a great protector.  He seems to be the voice of the audience as well, like threatening an idiot who makes some bad choices in this episode.

The episode dialogue is great and the interaction between characters is good, if not a little overdone in favor of less action.  The discussion between Rick and Carol is well-acted and both have a good delivery.  Carol might have even come off better than Rick.  In a prior episode, Rick killed Shane in cold blood, which I don’t think puts him above Carol whatsoever in their discussion.  He argues that there will be major conflict once people find out what Carol has done and she will never be treated the same, which I suppose is a legit prediction.  She might even be killed by the insane Tyreese when she finds out she killed the weeklong love of his life.  I think it is clear Rick is scared of Tyreese.

What Will Happen Next:  I think this episode has the potential to set up a civil war amongst the group.  I can’t take credit for this prediction as I read it on my favorite horror movie site:   Basically, if Rick tells the group he banished Carol, there might be a mixed reaction.  That could be the turning point that puts a lot of characters against each other and forces someone like Daryl to question Rick sending someone off with not much chance of surviving.  In the end, it may be that two of the prison groups fight it out and Carol returns to confront them or more likely, they go find her.  I think the reaction hinges on Tyreese and Daryl and maybe those are the two opposing forces who will battle it out next episode.

Getting back to the title, I believe it comes from Carol’s feeling about Rick’s discovery of her murderous deed.  When he questions her about it in the previous episode, it looks as if she waited for a reaction from him but there wasn’t one.  She is indifferent about his decision but I think she knows it isn’t fair.  Even Carl has killed someone in cold blood but just because Rick got beat up by an insane guy, Carol is the one banished, not  Carl.

The most interesting development out of Carol’s banishing will be Rick’s explanation to the group about what Carol did and why.  If he makes something up it could twist them in all sorts of ways or he could say nothing at all.  The really good part of this episode is that I’m not really sure what will happen next with Carol, the group, or Rick.  That’s just really good storytelling. There could be all sorts of things that could happen.

I’ll be keeping my eyes on and for all the Walking Dead and horror news in the future.  I’m not sure if Melissa McBride, the actress who plays Carol, is signed up for more episodes, but I think it’s a better than average wager that she will be seen again on the program.  But who knows.  Next week I’m definitely going to watch what happens and see if I can pick up on how Daryl reacts.  Stay tuned to those horror websites for all the Walking Dead news!

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The season 4 opener for The Walking Dead was the biggest ever according to the  It took in 16.1 million viewers, an 8.2 rating. The second episode had 13.9 million viewers according to, a 7.1 rating.  The third episode was down again to a 6.8 rating, but it destroyed everything else on cable Sunday by a huge margin.  The next closest show in the ratings on cable was Keeping Up With the Kardashians.  I didn’t even know that was still on.  I’ll check back in when the Nov 4 ratings are released, but predictions range from a 6 to 7 rating.

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