Star Trek 3 helmed by Joe Cornish?

moviesclipJust a brief note about a possible Star Trek 3 director published in Variety on November 2.   Joe Cornish has been named as the possible favorite to direct Star Trek 3 in the wake of JJ Abrams defecting to Star Wars.  My first reaction is: Who the fudge is Joe Cornish?

From what I read, Cornish is a talented writer and is well-known for his work on Attack the Block.  He is credited with writing or co-writing the upcoming Ant-Man film, The Adventures of TinTin in 2011, Attack the Block in 2011, and some other TV stuff.  He’s directed Attack the Block in 2011 and some television stuff.  I’m not even sure how you get to direct a Star Trek film with that resume.

Looking into it a little further, I think he knows Simon Pegg aka Scotty from Hot Fuzz in 2007 because they were both actors in that movie, so that may have helped boost him to Star Trek director consideration.  He certainly has a lot of contributions to television and movies I’ve never seen or heard of.  Joe Cornish has been an actor, an editor, and producer according to, but is he really experienced enough to helm a successful franchise like Star Trek?

Is it about who you know? Man I wish I knew Simon Pegg now.