Holiday Season Movies Coming Out today had an interesting article on the movies coming out over the holiday season, which begins the first week of November.  We are going to get some big movies this December, dominated by The Hobbit sequel and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, another sequel.

The prediction is solid for The Hunger Games 2 at about 400 million total gross, but the The Hobbit: Smaug Caper takes second at a 230 million forecasted.  I think people are just about burnt out with The Lord of the Rings and I myself didn’t even see the last one.  Their money is dwindling away and each one looks about the same to me, although this is not the final film with The Hobbit name attached.  It is a trilogy.  I didn’t even know that actually.  The third, and final movie, will be released December 2014.  I think that one is going to be the hit, with the one coming up not achieving as much.  It always seems to be the way that the final entry, although I’m sure quality will win out.

I dislike The Hunger Games and I’m not sure why.  I haven’t even seen it and I probably shouldn’t be that way, but there’s just something about it that turns me off.  Like it’s a retread of something I’ve seen before but I can’t quite remember what it is.  The idea behind the movies is alright I suppose and the cast itself seems very good, although probably not aimed at me.  It seems to want to capture the young adult audience, the teen audience, and the adult audience.  I’ll say it does have a wide appeal in that way, even of those who have read the books.  There’s just something about it though.  Maybe it is because of the female lead or a storypoint I myself might be interested in.  I’ve read stories like that one before, tales of people hunting each other, from all the way back to the “Most Dangerous Game.”  The marketing hasn’t begun for this movie yet but I expect it to be everywhere in a few weeks.

Anchorman 2 is another movie that is strangely appealing to some people for its juvenile tone.  It is a comedy after all, but I didn’t see the first one.  That’s another thing about sequels: they assume you’ve seen the first one and hinge their box office draw on the appeal of the first.  It has been many years since the first Anchorman and the marketing is crazy for this sequel.  The movie has had a Superbowl spot, a series of ads, and they’ve even partnered with a car company for some television spots.  Did you see the one with the horse?

Of course there is something for the kids this holiday.  Of course!  Frozen and Wreck-it-Ralph seem to be the sum total of the movies out for the kids, but says Frozen will do well in December.  It is by Disney Animation.  I don’t have much on this one but they better get to marketing because it is coming out Nov 27.

The rest of the competition is going to be competing directly against each other in what will probably be a fight for holiday dollars at the movies.  There is an action movie, an adult comedy, and a series of adult dramas.  The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and The Wolf of Wall Street look particularly good, with The Wolf probably earning the majority of my interest.  It is by Martin Scorsese and you’ve got to see what he’s about.  I could have sworn this was a movie scheduled to be released earlier in the year, but boxofficemojo says it was moved to Christmas so that Scorsese could edit.  I hope it doesn’t lose any audience because of the other wall street movie released back in 2010 starring Michael Douglas.  Remember that one?  It was kind of a flop if I remember right.

Grudge Match and the Madea Christmas movie don’t interest me in the least.  Both of them should pull in less than 100 million total and seem to have this aged feel about them.  Haven’t we got enough Sylvester Stallone fight movies?  This one is promised to have a “comedic undertone” according to and I’m not sure about that.

It looks as if the holiday season will be pulling money from my wallet in November, although most of these movies I mentioned will be successes.  However, with the heavy reliance of sequels, I don’t think the top draws will do as good as they hope.