What is Christopher Lee doing these days?


I am not too old to turn you into a frog!

Christopher Lee, star of some of my favorite Hammer horror movies, is still going strong at age 91.   I’m glad he is still trying to be active.   Reportedly, he was very upset by scenes involving Saruman being cut from Return of the King.  This may have led to some bad feelings.  Back in 2010, he said that he was unable to participate in the Hobbit movies because he couldn’t fly on a plane, but I think they later changed the whole production to accommodate him.  Yes, most of the sources I’ve read say that Saruman will return.  He also does a lot of voice work, from what I’ve been able to tell.

What will Saruman do in The Hobbit: Smaug Adventures, anyway?  I’m not exactly sure, but I think Saruman should be a good guy at this point.  Or at least different from his appearances previously, where he was the agent of evil.  I was unable to find any upcoming Dracula appearances by Christopher Lee, but perhaps he could guest-star on the Dracula TV show or make a cameo on a movie to give it one last go for the Dracula legacy.

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