Walking Dead Prequel a Go?

TVLine had some reports that a Walking Dead spin-off series may soon be a go and that it may be a prequel.  Yes, it’s true, a dreaded prequel.  A story about the zombie outbreak and details about how they tried to keep it from spreading.   That’s about as disappointing as it gets for me.  Prequel fever hits even the Walking Dead.

Does a prequel work if we already know the outcome?  You know, some of the problem with prequels is that we know what happens.  I guess the fun is seeing how it happens.  This is why the Star Wars prequels were made, I suppose.  In the case of the Walking Dead, the spin-off would feature all new people, so we wouldn’t really be learning the backstory of any of the characters we know now and love, as in Star Wars.

I think they are still in the planning stages for this spin-off series, but they better do it soon if they want to capitalize on the popularity of The Walking Dead.  No telling when things will cool off.