Will the most iconic music ever return to Superman vs Batman?

supermanI don’t think I’m overstating here when I say that the iconic Superman march is perhaps the best and most recognizable music ever put to film.  With maybe the exception of the Star Wars theme, the James Bond theme, or the Pink Panther theme, every single time I hear that John Williams music I think Superman.  There’s no exception.  I can picture him flying in to save someone.  The music just inspires and captures the essence of Superman, that sort of triumphant strength you expect from the most upstanding superhero ever.  Perhaps its notoriety is also why the music was left off the reboot Superman film, Man of Steel.

To be honest, if they’re going to commit Frank Miller’s “Dark Knight Returns” to film, then that victorious march might not be appropriate there either.  If however, Batman and Superman rise up and put their differences behind them to defeat The Big Evil, then the theme might be quite appropriate.  Perhaps Batman is having some trouble and Superman zooms in to help him with John Williams blazing in the speakers.  I think that’d be pretty awesome to be honest.  It is Superman’s sequel after all, even though it is going to have Batman too.

Hans Zimmer, the composer of the Man of Steel score, said recently that he is having “trouble” defining exactly what kind of music should be in the sequel.   Apparently, he was quite impressed by the music used by Christopher Nolan and the tone it created.  I must admit that he is right.  The music in Dark Knight easily contributes to the overall tone and reinforces the great time the audience is given in watching that film.  Zimmer is in talks to return for the next sequel, but if he has doubts, perhaps John Williams could have a go.  I wouldn’t complain.