Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 6 Live Bait Review


Burn baby burn!

This episode is Governor-focused and I’m not too sure what to think about this character now.  There are no scenes at the prison, so we have time to get to know what happened to the Governor after season 3.  It is all about the emotions of the Governor and his quest to redeem or at least control himself.  This is about as stupid as it gets.  The guy is evil.  I just wanted to yell at those people he finds and warn them about the “pure evil” Governor.  I’m not sure I want to see The Governor redeemed anyway.  I’d rather Rick kick his behind and give him a few shots in the head for Andrea.  What are these writers doing?  Seriously.  The Governor a good guy protector? No.

The story is told in Flashback.  We pick it up right after The Governor shoots the people of Woodbury and follow what happens from there.  The Governor burns down Woodbury himself, destroying everything.  At some point, I believe his men either leave him or he leaves on his own in his coma-like depression.  I can see why the creators of the show saved The Governor, played by David Morrissey, from death.  He is a really good actor.  Of course, he dies in the comics and never even comes close to a redemption chance.

The Governor finds a family to bunk with and creates a new identity.  The family he finds asks him his name, but The Governor takes a name he earlier saw inscribed on a barn, a lost man that the people who lived there were looking for.  That is essentially what he is.  He tries to escape his past and even burns his old photo, the last piece of his past he was clinging to.   He doesn’t want to help the family at all and we can see that he just wants to leave.  It is really important that The Governor opens up to come out of his isolation, which we can see from his intense brooding.

We can see that some of the old Governor is still there though, waiting for a chance to do evil.  We can see this when the Savage Governor comes out at the end of the episode and he kills several zombies with his bare hands, brutally bashing them all to death.  I think I saw The Governor smile sadistically at the end of the episode.  Really!  He looks up at Martinez from a pit he felt into and it might as well be the old Governor looking down on him.  I believe that he really hates that moment and it represents his past still there to haunt him.

In the end, The Governor has found a whole new family and new identity to protect.  This will keep him going.  I have no doubt that his assassins will be a little more than curious with what The Governor has done.  Perhaps they will think he has cracked even more than before.  Perhaps they will simply go along with him as before, but I think The Governor will conflict with the assassins over his family.   Maybe The Governor kicks his family to the curb to join them or he kills them all for looking at him wrong.    I am a new Governor, sucka! Bam bam! You’re dead, Martinez!!

It looks as if next week is a direct continuation of The Governor’s story.  The preview showed no Rick and no prison, so I think we are going to see how the Governor interacts with his assassin pals.  This may end with total conflict and him ending up finding the prison or finding one of the group.  Yes, David Morrissey hinted at a Carol and Governor meeting on Talking Dead following the episode.  David said we will have to wait to see what happens and that unlikely alliances happen all the time!

Lastly, what is the Live Bait?  Is it the Governor himself as he wanders through a country of zombies?  Or is it the family, who has lured the Governor away from his past, bait for the old Governor and his assassins?

Here is a summary of this week’s episode:

We start with a flashback to last season, where The Governor and his men ride off after killing most of the citizens of Woodbury.  Back in the present, The Governor sits in front of a fire as a zombie advances on him, but one of his men has to come out and shoot it because he just stares ahead broodingly.  I believe they flashback again or show The Governor hiking away.  He comes upon some survivors, who are hole up in an abandoned building.  He is offered some food by a kind woman named Lily, but later dumps it out the window in a show of distrust.  He reveals nothing to them, making up a name and identity to cover his past.  Later, he finds a gun that a man used to commit suicide.  He does a favor for the group and retrieves one oxygen tank for Grandpa Joe, who is dying of cancer.  After returning, Lily treats the cuts on the evil Governor, then he has a conversation with her daughter, telling her fake lies about what happened to his eye.  After dying, zombie grandpa wakes up but the Governor is luckily there to kill him.  Later, Lily demands to come with the evil Governor to find something better.  The group tries to hike for it after their truck breaks down, but zombies attack them.  The Governor saves the young girl, but falls in a pit.  Some of The Governor’s former assassins find him in it.