Clint Eastwood’s next big project to music?

It may be that Clint Eastwood is slowing down, but he sure is certain to take on more projects. I was reading that he is in negotiations to direct a film version of the broadway musical, Jersey Boys.  I haven’t seen this thing myself, but I wonder if the words Clint Eastwood and musical go together.  Anyway, its supposed to be about Frankie Valli and his group’s history, as well as their eventual break-up.  He hasn’t done anything since producing J. Edgar, so I’d really like to see something good from Eastwood.  Something noir, brooding, or inspiring. But no, instead we get a soap opera with music and dancing.  Perfect.

Other filmmakers and actors got selective later in life, like Marlon Brando and S. Kubrick.  But they also got old.  I didn’t see J. Edgar, but I haven’t heard anything about about it.  I haven’t heard much about Jersey Boys either, except that the original director was out and it was no longer being made by Warner Brothers.  Is that true?

Maybe Clint Eastwood will make a movie about actors or direct a story about himself.  That’d be interesting.

I can remember back when I was a kid, my grandparents had The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly playing on television one time and I was snoozing on the couch.  I can still remember hearing the music for the first time and being fascinated with the details.  I think it was maybe the colorful appearance, violent dynamic, or the good guys versus bad guys that made it “cool” to me.  I wish I could find something like that again.

Anyway, Clint is sure to give us something good next because he’s a remarkable actor and director.  Hopefully, he’ll give us something to remember.