Walking Dead season 4 ep 7, Dead Weight

Someone is going to be Dead Weight in this episode and I bet five bucks that they would die.  There’s no room for dead weight, bro! I won five bucks.


I will protect you, grrrrrrrr

I wasn’t sure what The Governor’s reaction would be joining up again with his old pals.  This time, Martinez was in charge at a brand new camp, and he simply watched The Governor for some semblance of the old, icy killer.  He sure didn’t watch close enough.  The Governor doesn’t want to be the dead weight and slides back in eeeeeeevil.  Evil.  He fights it.  He wants to leave.  But he can’t!

We get some development of Martinez’s posse, which includes a few generic rednecks and tough guys.  These guys should have been wearing red shirts and been on Star Trek.  The good part of the character interaction are all of The Governor’s reactions.  You can actually see in The Governor’s face when he becomes uncomfortable with the family ganging up with his evil assassins.  Don’t tip him over the edge, yo!

Martinez is the opposite of the Governor, unable and unwilling to take in people and trust them.  Or maybe he is smart.  The Governor hates him, seething as he sees the men eye his new family, the daughter and wife he has adopted.  He literally reinvents his old family and tells them he won’t lose them again.   He kills to protect them.  Of course, that is insane.


Death by golf.

The Governor can’t share power.  He wants control and has none in the large camping group.  If only he was by himself, he might be okay.  He hates it, but just knows deep inside that he can’t escape it, like a teacher who knows just what to expect from misbehaving children.  After killing one of the camp, The Governor threatens Mitch, the only authority left.  Fortunately for Mitch, he decides to join the Governor and has a smoke to honor the occasion, a betrayal of his new habits. I quit, yo!  It is really The Governor betraying his new habits, if he had any to begin with.  The old Governor is back, yeah!

We can see that the “dead weight” is the leadership of the camp, but The Governor quickly does away with them.  As he sees his family threatened even after claiming the lead, he dives even further over the edge.  He is convincing himself of the good in what he does and every decision he makes gnaws at him like a piranha.  He possessively destroys everyone standing in his way of his control.  Talk about obsessive-compulsive.  Maybe he had been recruiting an army all along.  It is obvious that The Governor means “the prison” to be his “better place” for his family and he is using the new camp to get back at Rick’s group.  He circles the prison on his map!  He’s a sneaky one, that Governor.

Jose Pablo Cantillo plays Martinez and puts on his best performance of the show in this episode.  The Governor David Morrissey was himself great once again and his death is creative.  The episode has some good pace and the scenes don’t lag too much, although I do miss the prison peeps.


Midseason finale, yo!

All in all, they teased us with a reformed Governor and stretched one episode into two, but it was fun while it lasted!  Also, the generic Red Shirts sorta made me chuckle.  I suppose they could have skipped The Governor finding a new family, but I think the development of his character was worth it.  You know, next week is going to eclipse the whole of season 4 as the Governor runs the prison over in a tank!  Yeah!!!  Who will survive!??!  Anybody?!? Run for it, Rick!

Highlight:  Drunk Martinez slips on the table when he gets up.