Who will die on the Walking Dead midseason finale?

walkingtitleIt’s fun to predict who might die on the Walking Dead because I think there are definite clues!  The best part of the show is that they keep dialing up the threat and the drama, so that many of its characters really are in danger.  This is not the usual thing you see on TV.

The Talking Dead show following the midseason finale has scheduled a surprise guest, probably the person who will end up dead.  Lauren Cohan is also scheduled to appear, though I would be disappointed with her death.  The talk-show that appears after The Walking Dead does have a habit of bringing on guests of note and guests who have died on the show.  I’m not sure why they would want Lauren Cohan on the show in the first place, unless it was to comment on another character’s death, like Glenn’s.  I’d rather not see Glenn aka Stephen Yeun leave either.

At the end of the last episode, The Governor looks poised and ready to shoot either Michonne or Hershel.  However, I think I’ve heard that he takes them prisoner in order to get at the guys in the prison.  He could hold them ransom in order to threaten the prison people to leave or something like that.  However, we can see in one of the previews that Rick refuses to leave the prison in answer to The Governor’s demands.  He probably wouldn’t do that if he saw him holding a gun on Michonne or Hershel, but it could be that he guns down Hershel and keeps Michonne to torture, like she did to him.  Gross, I know.

Unfortunately, The Governor might survive the show and end up capturing the prison.  My thought is that The Governor is successful in capturing the prison, either by killing some of the group or by using his tank.  Of course, the deaths of Maggie, Glenn, Carl, and Hershel might be enough for this.  I don’t think anyone really knows, but it seems likely Hershel is the best bet to die.

Who will die top 5:

1.  Hershel

2.  Maggie or Glenn

3.  The Governor and/or Mitch

4.  Carl

5.  Beth