Walking Dead season 4 episode 8, “Too Far Gone” Review


Gimmie that prison, you dirty pig.

At the end of last week’s episode, The Governor had his sights on the prison and some of its inhabitants, who strayed into his gunsight.  The episode opens with The Governor recruiting a group to become his army to take the prison, his obsession.  He tells the group that they can take the prison peacefully by using Michonne and Hershel, who he has captured, but I don’t believe that for a second.  He twists the truth, as he has done on every episode he has been on.  This is a much more devious and dangerous villain than a true megalomaniac, mainly because he pretends to be a good guy, but is still a dressed-up megalomaniac.  I think in the previous episodes featuring The Governor, this was in doubt, but it is really clear in “Too Far Gone.”  That’s what makes this episode more one-sided but more action-packed.


Uhh, give up the prison? Please?

In his discussion with Hershel and Michonne, The Governor again lies and is ice cold.   I think The Governor is more than willing to kill everyone in his way, especially those at the prison.  I thought they’d hold off on the confrontation between the groups until the end of the episode or have it be the cliffhanger, but they jump right into it.  The tension is just great, just perfect.  The Governor pulls the strings and commits Rick to leadership, to speak for the group.  This is the one thing Rick has been able to avoid for most of this season and its the one thing I don’t think he was ever comfortable doing.  I don’t think he’s comfortable with the Carol decision, for example.  He comes full circle in this episode and shows that he is more human than anyone on the show.  That’s a great part of the episode and his character.


It’s MY prison, you jerk!

This episode is all about The Governor’s manipulations.  Does he really care for Meggan and Lilly?  That question is answered in this episode.  The episode reveals that The Governor is Too Far Gone, while Rick is not.  He shoots Meggan without remorse and shows his true colors.  Also, Hershel is also not Too Far Gone and we can see him smile at Rick’s appeal to The Governor’s humanity.  Of course, The Governor has none.    Unlike previous episode titles, this one actually fits.


Uhh, help?

The Governor gets taken out by one of his own, which is typical.  We don’t actually get to see him get the final bullet, so it could be that Lilly was shooting at a walker, but I think that’s it for The Governor. No one gets the prison.  A pretty sad ending.


Some of the side characters get some action in this episode.  I think one of the highlights was a little more inclusion of Bob and Sasha, who probably will get more development in the coming episodes.  I wasn’t sure what to think about his character at first, but I think I like him now.  Daryl also gets some literal action using a zombie as a bulletproof vest.  This episode surely satisfied those craving action that was lacking in other episodes of season 4.



All in all, breaking apart was the main theme of this episode.  I think that theme fits perfectly in the middle of the season, before they bring it all together again.  It should be interesting to see how they do that.  We may get a couple of episodes about each part of the group surviving and that should help build more development before they find each other again.  Of course, this is essential as they kill off more of the characters.  If they don’t we aren’t going to care very much.  I would say that this isn’t the deepest of the season 4 episodes, but it is the most fast-moving and the most attention-grabbing.  I liked it.  Did you?