Walking Dead pic of the week #1!

deadpic1The Walking Dead comic started off about ten years ago by Robert Kirkman and penciler Tony Moore.  I don’t remember The Walking Dead #1 having a huge impact or even being a huge seller for that matter, but it developed a good following thanks to good writing.  It also didn’t hurt that it was published by Image Comics, the number three comic publisher next to DC and Marvel.

I am going to devote a short post each week to an interesting image out of The Walking Dead comics.  Maybe you will have seen this image from the TV show or remember it from reading the issue yourself.  But there are some images that are unique to the comics.

Taking a look at The Walking Dead #1, this comic is essentially the foundation for the exact details found in the first television episode.  They honestly didn’t change very much.  Rick still wakes up in the hospital bed after being shot, meets Morgan, and recovers enough to start his journey to find his family.

deadpic3I think one of the most iconic images from the television show was the picture of the locked and chained hospital cafeteria doors emblazoned with the words “Don’t Open Dead Inside”.  This image was plastered all over posters and the TV advertisements I can remember from the week of the show’s premiere.  But this image was never in the comic book!  Not that it’s surprising, but I can imagine Kirkman improving upon what he had already written by having the benefit of doing it all over again.

In The Walking Dead #1, a different image sets the tone for the series in the same way that the “Don’t Open…” image does for the television show.  Rick actually opens the cafeteria doors and sees the zombies inside, the rotting corpses, and the disgusting mess left over from the undead inhabitants.  Why are they in there?  They aren’t imprisoned, as in the TV show, but seem to be loitering about, as if they remember lounging there from their past life.  Romero would have been proud.

Why did he make this change?  It seems so minor, but I think he accomplishes the same horror and drama by NOT showing a whole mess of zombies.  Then again, maybe he had to do this ten years ago to emphasize the tone of the comic book and put the threat front and center.  What do you think?


The Walking Dead pic of the week #1 – The inside of the cafeteria