Star Trek 3 in 2016

Yes, they’ve changed writers and they don’t even have a director, but says there will be Star Trek in 2016.  All I have to say is that they better get going on it if they’re going to meet that date.  With the departure of the traitorous JJ Abrams, I have no idea who would be good as the next director in the Star Trek franchise.  There were rumors that it would be Joe Cornish, but he doesn’t seem very eager to sign on.  Maybe they should actually ask JJ Abrams for a suggestion.  Like his buddy or something that worked on Star Trek: Into Darkness.

I have no complaints about Star Trek: Into Darkness, but the plot inconsistencies and the horrible new technology was kinda disappointing.  Beaming across the galaxy? Huh?  Khan’s a white guy? What?  I’m not sure what nationality the name Khan comes from, but it’s not UK.  Anyway, JJ Abrams really was the one responsible for picking up the pace of your old fashioned Star Trek movie and that was the best thing for the franchise.

Even though Star Wars will destroy all box-office movie records ever, I’d still like a Star Trek movie please.  One not mailed in by a second-rate director.  I think they should get someone with experience or at least some credibility.  Hopefully, it will not disappoint or destroy any hopes for more Star Trek.