Dawn of the Planet of the Apes looks amazing

The trailer for 2014’s Dawn of the Planet of the Apes was released a few days ago and it looks amazing.  I can’t believe the make-up job that they’ve done.  I actually believed that Cesear was a real ape for a second there.  Just a second though.  Anyway, the movie is about humans and apes conflicting over the apocalyptic world that is left over since the outbreak of a deadly virus.  We obviously saw this in the last Apes movie, if you even saw that one.  Have a look.

I really like Gary Oldman as an actor. He is nothing short of a genius and perfect for the spot of a conflicted leader, maybe out to trash some apes. As the casting news shows, Cesear has a wife and son. Of course, this means either Cesear will die or one of his family will die, prompting Cesear to go on a brooding, frowning rampage. That’s how it works right?

Anyway, I’ve heard zip hype about this movie, and I didn’t even know they were doing a sequel to the reboot. I didn’t think the reboot was all that outstanding, not as much as the original anyways. But that’s always the way with reboots. They’re going to get compared to their predecessors. That’s just how it works. So with a reboot, you have built in criticism. With an original piece, it at least stands on its own weight. I think the attraction of reboots is using a recognized name for more movie dollars, which is a cheap way out, I’m sure.

It should be interesting to see this movie when it comes out.