What are the best movie plot twists?

There’s no doubt that many movies have interesting plot twists.  But other movies have contrived plot twists that couldn’t be more predictable and stupid.  However, in some cases, the plot twist makes the movie all the more popular.  It got me to thinking: What are the best plot twists?  Which ones work the best?

1.  Luke, I am your father – Probably the best known plot twist is the one from Empire Strikes Back.  Vader tells Luke that he is his father.  Why does he do this?  Probably to try to manipulate him and control him.

2.  That’s the Statue of Liberty, Man – In the original Planet of the Apes, Charlton Heston finds out that he has never left Earth.  I’d say that this plot twist is one of the more memorable ones in movie history, only second to Star Wars.  It caps off all the tension that the movie’s been building for two hours by giving us the truth about what this movie is all about.

3.  Cross-dressing murderer – In Psycho, the plot twist is really what makes the movie work.  Norman Bates is really a psychotic killer who dresses as his mother, obsessed with her memory.

4.  Rosebud is a sled – This one is probably a forgotten plot twist, but it is a mystery the audience is eager to have answered.  Citizen Kane answers the question of what Rosebud really is at the very end, telling us that a sled was the one thing Kane loved as a child.

5.  Soylent Green is People – Probably the number one most lampooned quote for a long time was “Soylent Green is People!”.  It was screamed by an over-the-top Charlton Heston upon discovering that the new food supplement used by the future government is made from processed human remains.

6.   Keyser Soze is a myth – When Kevin Spacey’s character is revealed to be the mastermind the whole time, The Usual Suspects rises to a new level.  This is one of the more clever plot twists.

7.  He’s really dead, Jim – The Sixth Sense reveals that Bruce Willis has been dead through the entire movie, though it was a bit more predictable than other movie twists.

8.  He was really not dead, Jim – In Saw, the killer, played by Tobin Bell, was in the middle of the room the whole time, apparently listening to everything the characters said.  As far as horror twists go, this is probably near the top.

9.  Brad Pitt is really your second personality – Fight Club gives us an interesting plot twist, but I think the acting is what really holds this movie together.  The plot twist is nice though.  Another Brad Pitt twist was in Se7en: “What’s in the box??!”  I guess he likes plot twists.

10.  She’s really a he – The Crying Game gave us the first transgender plot twist.

Are there others?