Captain Kirk is recruited to carry the Tom Clancy franchise

pine1It will be interesting to see if Chris Pine can carry a movie as a legitimate action star.  He stars as Jack Ryan in Jack Ryan:Shadow Recruit opening January 17, 2014.  This movie will probably be a success, but I wonder how much of a success it will be.  I took an interest in this movie upon learning that Chris Pine had earned the title role, a character that puts him in good company, that being Harrison Ford, Alec Baldwin, and Ben Affleck, all former Jack Ryans.

Chris Pine has been sheltered by a group ensemble through most of his success in the Star Trek films, so that’s why I wonder how the movie is going to do.  I can’t really remember a moment off the top of my head where Pine shows real emotion or just acts the crap out of the scene in a Patrick Stewart sort-of way.  He can act, quite obviously, and has been around.  He doesn’t have the sort of dramatic weight that somebody like Harrison Ford or Morgan Freeman has, both of which exude this great sense of style that can carry any scene.  I wonder if Chris Pine can be a serious lead without adding sarcasm or going over-the-top.  

I think the decision to put Kevin Costner in the movie with Pine is a good one.  Obviously, they don’t think Pine can carry the movie all by himself.  I say obviously because they’ve already moved the release date around and it seems like they are being careful with a budding star like Pine.  He recently gave an interview to and described Jack Ryan as an analyst, not an action star.  This sort-of fits with Harrison Ford’s portrayal as an intelligent CIA agent, who has this cleverness about him, a realistic element that puts him a step ahead of others.  Can Pine bring something similar?

At a special event in New York City, Paramount Pictures invited journalists to watch 17 minutes of the finished film, which will hit theaters early next year. Pine himself had flown in from Los Angeles to emcee the screening, and was on hand to answer questions. “Jack is really an analyst,” Pine offered in his introduction. “He can get physical, but is much more comfortable behind the scenes.” He went on to point out that Jack Ryan is no James Bond, who is never anything but cool in the face of certain death. Pine stressed that instead Ryan is a pretty normal guy thrown into an extraordinary situation, and this was quite clear in the first clip. 

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This Jack Ryan is set early in his career and Pine promises to bring serious drama to what he has to do.  You can see that in how he reacts to killing a man for the first time, in that he calls the CIA for help, almost immediately.  His hands shake as his talks to Costner’s character about what is going on.  He is a trained agent, isn’t he?  

The answer is that Jack Ryan is an office worker, a paper-pushing analyst in Pine’s movie, not a field agent like James Bond.  We don’t see this sort-of early Jack Ryan out of Harrison Ford, as he’s mature and seasoned.  We don’t even see this much out of Alec Baldwin either, though what Pine brings is similar to Baldwin being sheepish around Sean Connery’s character.  Something like that.  Is Pine taking it too far?  We’ll have to see.  The movie is pretty much a fish-out-of-water movie, so you either believe Jack Ryan is an emotional rookie-type and the movie works, or it falls flat.  That’s kind of silly to make the movie dependent on that sort of thing, but there you go.


Help me help you.

I hope the characters around help Pine’s Jack Ryan help him along in the same way 

that the seasoned characters helped Alec Baldwin along in his movie, Hunt for Red October.  In Red October, everyone seems to take Ryan seriously, at least eventually.  They at least resp

All in all, I think I’ve already raised my expectations for this film based on this writing.  Pretty funny.  I am not expecting a wise-cracking Pine or even a Captain Kirk pine, but something new.  Hopefully, they will develop him into a comfortable secret agent.  Will anyone be seeing this movie?  We’re going with a different take on Jack Ryan and on spies in general, so the studio is banking on that to make this film work.     That could be a good thing, I suppose.   


This is not the X-Files, idiots.



NOTE:  The tag-line for this movie is TRUST NO ONE, the tag-line for my all-time favorite TV and movie series, The X-Files.  I’m not sure what to say about that, but it makes me want to tell them to stop copying TV shows.  I’ll definitely hold it against them if the movie is terrible.