B-Movie Short … The Mole People (1956)

molemenThe Mole People was a movie made in 1956 and panned on the show Svengoolie.  Perhaps the worst part of this movie, as appropriately pointed out by the host, is the stupid professor exposition at the beginning, which was tacked on to increase the run-time and needlessly “explain” the setting to the viewer.  The movie begins a few minutes later, where it shows a setting like that seen in The Mummy.  The excavators don’t seem to be looking for Egyptian artifacts though, although most of the scenery looks Egyptian.

Anyway, these guys wander around until they stumble upon some underground Sumerians, who think the excavators were sent by Ishtar, who is really a Babylonian goddess, not Sumerian.  Anyway, there’s no use thinking too hard about this movie because it makes as much sense as wearing shoes that don’t fit.  The excavators descend into the depths and are accepted by the civilization as servants of Ishtar.  The Sumerians have a large underground civilization and Mole Men slaves.  They show the Earth men around, then the Sumerians simply decide the men weren’t sent by their god in the first place.  Everyone argues and a fight ensures.  Yay.

Some hot blonde chick recruits the Mole Men and frees them from slavery, motivating them to attack the Sumerians. After the Mole Men kill their slave masters, the Earth men return to the surface.  They hug the blonde chick.  They celebrate with some drinks.  The hot blonde chick then trips and falls during a drunken stupor, killing herself.  Despite their grief, the excavators report their discovery to a newspaper and the New York Post picks up the story.  After the paper travels to underworld entrance, an Earthquake collapses the tunnel on top of them.  The excavators are jailed for their part in the deaths of the newspaper men and this story of the mole men is forgotten forever. Yay.