Walking Dead 4.9 EXCLUSIVE review – midseason premiere


Rick? That you?

This is the number one show on television, the number one most-watched premiere, and it delivered on some great character drama.  It was conflict city and Carl made his feelings known right from the start.  Rick has failed to protect the prison group and ticked off Carl once again.  As Carl and Rick wander around, we can see Carl’s anger.  A bit of a brat if you ask me, but we can see Carl being real and struggling with being a man.  The kid is a great actor, that’s for sure. 


Die! Slash slash!

This episode picks up right after the last one and is appropriately titled “After”.  I like that this episode developed Michonne some more and her character finally gets some background, which is great.  This episode also follows issue #49 and #50 in the comics very closely and I was dead-on in my prediction of the plot, not to brag or anything.  I apologize to anyone who read my previous post and then saw this episode!  I didn’t find myself enjoying less because I read the comics some years back, but found this episode great entertainment of what I loved in the comics.  They added some more stuff for Michonne to do, which was great. 


Waa! WAAA!

These are really complex characters.  Rick is meant to be the leading man of this show, but he is more of a reluctant hero than anything.  He’s overly protective of his son and I think this fits his character, not only for realism’s sake.  The best part of this episode is when Michonne sees a zombie that looks like her, as she wanders along with a heard of zombies, and she gets upset.  I think she sees some of herself in the zombie, as what she could have been.  She becomes upset and has to slay all the zombies because Michonne has chosen life at that point, leaving behind her past.  After she kills the zombies, Michonne stands in the middle of the field and looks up in tears, finally choosing to live for new things.  This is why she seeks out people and fortunately, finds Rick and Carl. 


Wake up, dude!

Maybe the most surprising part of this episode is the Hershel head part.  Yes, Hershel dies again.  He must be the only character to die twice in a television series.  Hershel was a great character on the show.  They obviously liked him too.

Splitting up the group will give us some new dynamics, because it didn’t happen quite the same way in the comic book.  Of course, we will see what has happened to Glen and Maggie, but hopefully we will see what has happened to Tyresee too.  I think building his character is important if you’re going to continue using him in the show and we haven’t really stopped to get to know the guy.  My prediction is that we will see some Glen and Maggie angst in the next episode.  That’s not much of a stretch, I know.

All in all, I enjoyed this episode as a setup episode and character development episode all in one.  Everybody was on their game in the acting department, even Chandler as Carl.  The only strange part of this episode was the Michonne dream sequence, which I assume was more metaphorical and representative of how she was feeling.


Episode 4.10 = Beth whines at the campfire

The next episode is entitled “Inmates” and features what is going on with the rest of the prison group.  There was a teaser featuring Beth and Daryl on the AMC website that was interesting, if generic and predictable.  Yes, Beth is upset that they are separated from the group.  Big surprise, right?  But what is surprising is that she yells at Daryl for not tracking down the group and for sitting around instead, then makes off on her own!  Hopefully, Daryl jumps up and stops her from running off in anger.  Overall, I thought “After” was a pretty good episode, but hopefully the next one will give us more of the same.  Of course, some people might argue over the pace and the action, but I didn’t mind.  I thought there was enough drama and Michonne zombie-slicing for everyone!  Bring on the next episode!





The episode opens at the burned-out prison and it is now overrun with zombies.  Michonne surveys the destruction and struts her badassery.  She finds Hershel’s zombie head and puts it out of its misery.    Meanwhile, Carl and Rick walk down a lonely road, but it is obvious Carl is upset at how things went down.  They come on a diner and raid it for supplies, but Rick continues not to trust Carl.  The two of them find a small suburban house and hold up for the night.  We then get a strange flashback to Michonne’s life, or dream-sequence, or something.  She wakes up in a fright thanks to this nightmare.  Carl wakes up the next day and discovers Rick has fallen unconscious, so he shouts at him, attracting two zombies outside to the door.  He heads outside and leads the zombies away from the house, barely avoiding their attacks.  After he returns, Carl rants about his disappointment in Rick.  Carl goes out again and loots a nearby home, barely avoiding another zombie in an upstairs room.  Meanwhile, Michonne gathers two zombie pets like she had before the prison.  She becomes upset as she walks along with the zombie heard and kills them all, having recognized part of herself in one of the lost zombies.  Michonne wanders around until she finds Rick and Carl in the house.  The End.