Michael Cudlitz aka Abraham reveals Walking Dead secrets


Let’s have some cereal, Michonne. Cheerios?

The Hollywood Reporter recently posted an interview with Michael Cudlitz, who plays Abraham on the Walking Dead, and he pretty much revealed all of what I thought was going to happen on the next episode.  As we saw on “Inmates”, Abrham, Rosita, and Eugene appeared at the end and encountered Glen and Tara.  In the THR interview, Cudlitz reveals that the show is pretty much following the Walking Dead comic book plotline revealed in #54 and beyond, which means Abraham is a militant jerk with one mission: protect Eugene and get to Washington DC.  


Walking Dead comic book

It is kinda funny for the writers to pursue this storyline involving Eugene, because the actual pursuit itself has a twist-ending anyone can find in the comic book and is probably generally known by many Walking Dead fans or readers already.  I won’t spoil the twist to Eugene’s character and the plot, but if the whole point is to go to Washington DC, then they are following the comic book directly.  Well maybe I’ll spoil it later, but anyone can find this twist ending to the Washington DC plot.  It is not a secret.  Maybe they’ll dress it up or make it different somehow.

So Abraham is going to be the guy to push the group to go to Washington DC.  I imagine that they gather at “Terminus”, a camp that we learned about in “Inmates”.  This is probably where the entire group might meet up and do some pseudo-prison style scenes.  


You’re coming with me, sucka.

I think if someone ran up to me and tried to sell me on a story like Eugene’s, there is no way I’d believe them.  Why does Abraham believe Eugene?  It might be because Abraham has very little to believe in and there’s nothing left for him.  He sees Eugene and a way to become involved again in society, so he goes for it. I’m not sure.  Maybe we’ll learn about this later on.


Sit down before you fall down, Rick.

The next episode of The Walking Dead on Feb 23 is called “Claimed” because that’s what Abraham is doing.  He is claiming Glen and Tara in order to push his plan forward to get to Washington.  He needs people.  He’s all about action.  Doing things.  He’s not the planner, mind you, but he’ll get things done.  This is what he’ll talk about with Glen and it looks like Tara might bite the big one because when Abraham talks to Glen, he says, “There’s no need for you to die too.”  Of course, he might be talking about Maggie, who both of them don’t know anything about, but it looks like Abraham is trying to get Glen off his quest and onto Abraham’s side.

abraham2The promo also shows Rick hiding from something, so I think we get to catch up with him.  I think Abraham accomplishes his mission, because we can see his truck driving down the road, so Glen may be the first “recruit” we see on “Claimed”.  It may be that the “mission” to Washington is something like Woodbury that they group uncovers by the end of the season.  I can see Rick and Michonne sneaking into “Terminus” to try to rescue Glen like they did previously.  

Anyway, “Claimed” looks pretty good.  They seem to be moving at a good pace and we will probably see what “Terminus” is in next week’s episode.  It will be interesting to see what’s up with Rick and Michonne too and how they fit in.  Hopefully, Michael Cudlitz as Abraham can deliver the goods because it looks as if the remaining part of the season relies on his character.  Keep watching!

 “We need people — the more, the better.”

Source: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/walking-dead-spoilers-cudlitz-abraham-680642