Walking Dead “Claimed” 4.11 Review

walkingdead144This episode is all about who is being claimed.  It was obvious from the introduction that this was an Abraham-heavy episode and that proved to be quite true.  The opening really had nothing to do with anything else except to show us that Abraham is a badass and somewhat bossy.  But don’t worry, we’re back to checking on Carl, Michonne, and Rick after some obligatory zombie stomping.

walkingdead146Carl and Michonne go scavenging together and the show seems to be putting Michonne in as Carl’s pal.  She tries a bit too hard but it looks like the two of them get along.  They leave Rick behind and he roots around the house for supplies until he is quickly interrupted by looters.  He hides under the bed like a rat.  Poor guy, never gets a break.


The part with Carl and Michonne investigating a dead family’s home was alright, but it was just drawing things out until the eventual return and the conflict with the looters.  I’d rather have stuck with Rick than get more Abraham dialogue or rooting around for supplies, but they finally get to moving the plot forward 36 minutes in and I was glad for that.   Glenn tries to work with Abraham, but the problem is, he’s still playing a participant rather than a leader.  Still.  But I guess that’s what his character is.  So he doesn’t deliver a lot of the dialogue to move the scene.


walkingdead148I guess they didn’t need fan-service in this episode, because there was no sign of Daryl or Beth.  That’s just really a stupid way to do your show.  You have a character you know fans love and want to watch, but you don’t even have him on the show.  Sure, Daryl is a complementary character, but I’ve read about his popularity and I think I’m right when I say people are interested in his character.  Based on the teaser, they will try to address Daryl NEXT week.  But not this week folks.  We’re stuck with bad dialogue until then.

walkingdead149All in all, I was annoyed by this episode, but I believe they are trying to address some past complaints, by giving Michonne a backstory, for example.  Of course, everything is better considering Abraham’s handlebar moustache.  Nobody wears a handlebar moustache better than Abraham.   But really, I think they could have trimmed down this episode to insert a scene with Beth/Daryl and it could have accomplished exactly the same thing.  The purpose of the episode was to convey the mission to Washington DC, paint Glen as concerned with Maggie, and give some character moments.  The running time is going to have to do more with what its got to satisfy me.