Walking Dead “Still” 4.12 Review


Is that a pony?

This episode caught us up with Beth and Daryl because it is time to get the fans back after leaving out the most popular character in last week’s episode.  This episode opens with one of teasers AMC released last week, where Beth and Daryl hide from zombies in a car trunk.  After they make it out, they survive in the forest and eat snake.  Gross.  Beth has a hissy fit and decides to go find a drink.  There’s no needless exposition and no stilted dialogue to ruin this part of the episode.  About 15 minutes in, I was thinking how much better this was over last week’s episode already.

Mainly, we’ve seen scavenging and endless looking around before, but I didn’t mind 30 minutes of it in this episode.  That’s because there were some nice touches as Beth and Daryl look around.  As they look around for supplies, Daryl is an angry dude.  You can tell he is effected by recent events because he growls out his lines for 45 minutes. 


Hey Beth, let’s eat snake.

The reveal of what Daryl did before the apocalypse was perfect.  Today’s Daryl has things to do, instead of being led around by his brother.  I think Daryl understands, or at least eventually understands, that Beth needs a few things that he has taken for granted.  So Daryl teaches Beth a few things by this episode’s end, but I think he really needed her.  He needed someone anyway, otherwise he’d probably have just killed himself or sat around endlessly or something.  He wasn’t anybody before the apocalypse and now Beth assures him that he is somebody.  That was the best moment.

The funny thing is that there are many things Beth hasn’t experienced because of her youth and there are many things Daryl hasn’t experienced either because of his brother and his upbringing.  He has a chip on his shoulder the whole episode, especially because he is the failed protector.  It was interesting to see Daryl open up to Beth, because he probably thought she was just a dumb, prissy blonde before he learned more about her.  That’s why he thought her “game” was dumb I think.  Eventually, they reconciled though.  

dead2323Of course, the best part of this episode is Daryl’s destruction of a bottle of Peach Schnapps.  This reinforces the idea that Daryl really does have an opinion about how Beth should experience the things she’s missed out on.   Of course, the whole idea of searching for a drink and getting drunk reminded Daryl of how he was before the apocalypse.  Beth pushes the issue and we can see the dark side of Daryl at one point, but Beth is able to reach him and pull him back.   

All in all, this was a great episode.  Daryl finds strength in the weakest of the characters on the show, physically anyway.  I mean, she’s a small girl that Daryl thought was only a dumb blonde.  It’s a good thing he found strength, because Daryl certainly has abandonment issues and needed Beth to overcome them.  The show dragged a bit before we finally got the Beth/Daryl confrontation, but the real bad thing is that every episode can’t be like this.