Walking Dead Review – 4.13 Alone

walkingdead55The Walking Dead usually veers off track after a character spotlight episode like we got last week, but not this time.  I think this is mostly because Daryl was on the program.  Maybe these writers are listening to the fans, because The Walking Dead was guardanteed some ratings this time and its strengths are pretty apparent.  Daryl and Beth anchor this episode by repeating the dramatic moments and great dialogue from last week, but it looks as if we’re getting a typical motivated hero story here, where Daryl has to make a decision about which path to follow.

walkingdead56Speaking of following paths, this episode had plenty, and the title of the episode was well-named.  I was glad to see Bob back because I like his character and I think he is a good actor, but I think Bob was the impetus for the alone theme.  This season seems to be giving us backstory galore for our characters and Bob was no different.  We learned he was with two other groups in the past and this time, he put Bill Bixby to shame as the lonely man, opening our episode.  We even got some lonely man music.  Bob didn’t transform into the Hulk though, which is good, I guess.

Daryl and Beth do some tracking and end up in a mortician’s house, where they have a real heart-to-heart.  Daryl can’t express how Beth has changed his outlook on life and I think she seemed a little surprised at his feelings.  Perhaps she’s a little apprehensive, since she’s lost people close to her before.  In any case, Daryl is left behind after Beth is kidnapped and now has to deal with some rough-neck biker dudes.  I’m not sure about it, but I think Daryl cares more for Beth than she does for him, from the looks of it.  This is good for his motivation, but I’m not sure what it says about her.  Anyway, Daryl has some hurdles to jump before he even comes close to rescuing Beth, but I’m sure he’ll make short work of the bikers.

walkingdead66The rest of the group has some good interactions and I was surprised at the performance of Sasha, who I haven’t really noticed as a stand-out previously.  Maggie, Bob, and Sasha also deal with some separation, but then reunite in the end.  I can picture it coming together, which I think is good, although maybe other people might find it terribly predictable.  The one part I don’t get is how Tyreese, Carol and the kids fit in, but it looks as if Daryl rescues or encounters them in some way, since we heard one of the kids screaming his name in this week’s preview.  

All in all, this episode was solid.  It was well-written and didn’t lag in any spots.  Even when Sasha went off by herself, I thought the episode was going to slow down as it followed what she did, but the show surprised me when it shot off in a different direction.  The only thing I was a bit curious about was how Maggie acted, abandoning her friends.  She was quickly forgiven though, as if it were nothing, but I guess no one wanted to be alone in this episode, and I think that was the point all along.  

Note, this episode destroyed all of its cable competition with a 6.3 rating, up one-tenth from 6.2 from last week.