The Story of Doctor Strange … a Marvel movie?

I was reading some movie news recently that Marvel is going to bring us a movie version of Dr. Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme, who battles the strange and the weird with magic powers.  AMC Movie news reported recently that Marvel has narrowed down its list of directors to:  Mark Andrews, Johnathan Levine, or Scott Dirreckson.  Andrews  of Brave, is the most heavily reported for Dr. Strange, which can be found on several news websites, including The Hollywood Reporter.  However, what is the story of Dr. Strange?

Doctor Strange has a unique story that could be really, really appealing to many people who like the origin of Batman.  Doctor Strange is Stephen Strange, renown surgeon, and really an unlikeable guy.  This origin was first depicted as a one-off in 1963’s Strange Tales #110, but the character proved so popular his adventures were continued in various formats, series, and comic books.

Just as arrogant as Tony Stark, Stephen Strange couldn’t care less about “helping” people, instead only out for himself or the big bucks.  Stephen Strange is in a horrible car accident and is forced to retire from being a surgeon, as the nerve damage in his hands proved too severe for him to continue.  The original comic never reveals the cause of the accident, but perhaps it was heavy drinking or recklessness.  Whatever the cause, Strange goes on a quest to find a cure, much like Bruce Wayne goes on a quest to find himself.  Strange finally visits India, where he tracks down the Ancient One, a powerful mystic and wise man, who teaches Strange humility, as well as the power of mysticism.  After Strange becomes The Ancient One’s pupil, he defeats the plot of another former student under The Ancient One, who is jealous of Strange.  Strange also gets involved in weird adventures, travels to other dimensions, and uses magic as his guide.

Much like Tony Stark or even Spider-Man, Dr. Strange learns to be responsible while becoming a hero at the same time.  His superheroics are unique, as far as I know.  Most comic book weird creatures and other-dimensional spirits have never been used but for Dr. Strange.  I’m not sure how they might depict magic in the movie universe, but I guess it could work.  The Dr. Strange movie could be like Dr. Who, especially the origin story.  Strange could be the everyman as we learn about the rules of magic and the movie could introduce them to us, as he practices his powers.  He could experiment with magic like Tony Stark experimented with technology, before becoming Iron Man.

I would have to say that Dr. Strange is one of my favorite superheroes of all time.  This is due to his off-beat tone and the extraordinary epic nature to his stories.  He’s not like your ordinary superhero, who dresses up in tights and goes to save women from evil assassins.  No, Dr. Strange is a real person, who was a doctor.  He learned to be a hero, like most of the other Marvel superheroes have, and is somewhat eccentric.  To conclude, my advice to Marvel: Don’t screw this up.