The Walking Dead 4.14 The Grove Review

walkingdead001This episode opens with a discussion between Lizzie and Carol about keeping people safe, which is kind of amusing in an apocalypse.  They walk around for a while, talk about Huckleberry Finn, and the episode establishes them as a supportive group.

Carol’s attitude is interesting in this episode.  She’s so cynical and so decided that she can’t see how little kids might have a problem with killing zombies, or even bad people like The Governor.  This might be a criticism of Carol or society as a whole, but perhaps I’m looking at it too hard.

I think Tyreese’s character is growing on me.  The writers are giving him some better lines and he seems to play off the others.  He has some good reaction shots in this movie:  Huh, crazy kids? Hey, is that a zombie in the backyard?  Whatcha talkin about lady?  You can read it all on his face.  Fantastic.

walkindead002Carol’s reactions are almost as good.  This is especially true when Tyreese tells Carol that he trusts him.  You can see that she doesn’t want him to.  She feels terrible about killing Karen, but she doesn’t say anything (until later on).  She just stands there, silent and unfeeling.  I’m not sure how to feel about Carol’s character at this point, but she seemed to accept her fate, as if it was okay for Tyreese to kill her.

Tyreese seems to leave the fate of psycho Lizzie up to Carol, which is funny, considering her cynical nature I already mentioned.  No spoilers, but as Carol deals with Lizzie, I really couldn’t believe they were doing that on television.  It was an emotional moment only topped by Carol’s talk with Tyreese.   In the end, there’s no shoot-out, no yelling back and forth, no over-the-top confrontation.  Only Carol and Tyreese trying to deal with their feelings, which is about as real as it gets.  But they put even that aside, as they seem to need each other.

All in all, this episode was pretty rough.  The episode wrapped up some plot-threads still left unanswered, but killed off characters.  In a survivalist world, killing is essential, and the two kids in this episode just couldn’t understand this.  Mika seemed to understand this idea, but couldn’t do it.  And Lizzie was just dangerous.  The only peace the characters have is thinking about The Grove, where everyone talks about “things always turning out okay”.  Of course, things don’t turn out “okay” in the sense you might think, but things do turn out okay for survival’s sake.  And that’s the saddest part of the world of The Walking Dead.