The Walking Dead 4.15 – Us Review

walkingdead514What a great opener this episode has, but it teases us with reconciliation and survival.  I knew it might snatch it away, but it delivers instead.  Glenn smiling just adds a bit of hope to this otherwise dismal and gloomy series, which hit a new level of depression last week.  The episode dodges and weaves between the groups again, instead of sticking around with one, which increases the pace and action.  And the episode has plenty of Daryl, so it had to be good, right?


Ain’t nothing sadder than an outdoor cat who thinks he’s an indoor cat.

One of the redneck thugs says this to Daryl and I’m sure he meant it as an insult, as if to say that joining the group was not going to work if he continued to be an outsider.  And these moronic rednecks take advantage of Daryl, even as he refuses to follow their self-imposed rules.  Daryl doesn’t stomp any one of them though, which is kinda disappointing.  He kisses up to them and following their rules in the end.  Beth? Who’s Beth? Pass the rabbit!

walkingdead515The episode focused on things that matter, except motivations.  Why was Daryl motivated to stay with the rednecks?  I’m not sure, but by the end of the episode he forgot about Beth altogether. Maybe he thought he couldn’t get away or be by himself, but we all know that isn’t true.  I was a bit confused about Tara’s motivations also.  Was she really that indebted to Glenn?  She certainly was able to get over him pretty quickly and tried to dismiss him at the cost of her own life, so I’m not sure what she felt.  Or wanted. 

Glenn’s motivation is obviously Zombie Trek III: The Quest for Maggie.  It was a tad sappy, especially as he has a heart-to-heart and burns the picture of Maggie.  “Oh I love you so, darling!  I’ll burn this picture because I’ll never need it again!”

I was happy to see Denise Crosby of Star Trek fame playing the too-good-to-be-true welcoming mother.  With a sappy grin and a look that is hiding something, Crosby’s character looks about as sane as Hannibal Lecter.  And nothing is gonna be good and happy about the season finale.  Not one thing.  My prediction is that there will be conflict, blood, torture, and more blood.  lol.

Hopefully, someone will come to the rescue, and it looks like it might be Rick. From his bloody appearance in the teasers, Rick probably goes to the extreme and does what he has to in order to save the group.  In the teaser, he is mentally cracked, sitting alone and by himself, as if contemplating past horrors.   I think this character focus might help improve upon the lack of Rick in these episodes lately because I thought he was supposed to be the main character.  

All in all, I would say that this episode was deceptively happy.  And everything that goes up must come down. 


  Note: Death predictions for the season finale?  All the Terminus folks? All of Daryl’s new pals?