Walking Dead Season 4 Horrifically Bloody Finale – “A”



I’m one bad mother, don’t mess with me dude!

Quick, get your bucket of blood because it’s time for The Walking Dead.  This episode has action, drama, and cliffhangers galore.  There are some flashbacks that give insight into the group’s growth from the prison to where they are now, but this episode is really about Rick and where he is now.  Hershel shows up in the flashbacks and gives some wise words, plus we get some Daryl action later on.

When Rick sees Daryl again for the first time, I think Rick’s reaction is genuine.  Daryl trades sides when the redneck hunters ambush Rick, Michonne, and Carl, but the jerks start putting the boots to Daryl.  In the end, it is Rick who saves everyone with some vicious violence.  Rick doesn’t chastise Daryl, but perhaps he should have, especially at the news of Beth.  At the end of the scene, Rick bonds with Daryl because that’s just the kind of person he is.  He doesn’t even say one word in complaint about Daryl joining a group that attacked him.  I was wondering if they were building up the heroic side of Rick through this scene, but he certainly is leading at this point, like a man possessed.  He viciously stabs one of the hunters as Carl watches on in horror.  That’s the new Rick, folks.


We memorialize the people we eat. Hey, what’s your name again?

Later, Michonne tells Carl about her bout of insanity and she acts the crap out of her monologue scene, perhaps even better than she did the last time she had a background scene.  The action comes in short bursts and the episode moves along at a good pace, but it relied on some past continuity I was wracking my brain to remember.  This makes the episode a little hard to follow.  Pocket watch? huh?  Whose pocket watch is that?  I guess it doesn’t really matter, because it gives Rick a clue that his friends are being held captive.

Before I could think about whose watch that is—shots fired!  It was over before it even began, leaving our heroes surrounded.  How disappointing is that.  It was like a five minute scene and then bam, it’s over.  It felt like an old-style cliffhanger and I thought that was good, I liked that, but it needed something a little more.  It was a predictable trap too, so I dunno how smart our heroes really are.  Terminus was always going to be a trap, but perhaps built up in each character’s mind to be something more, something positive, something true.  The group is locked up because of their belief that people do the right thing and that there is hope.  Boy, were they wrong.

And that’s all there is.  Rick promises to get back at these manipulative Terminus jerks, but that’s it.  That’s all there is.  Roll more commercials.  Look, trailers for new movies.  Yay commercial income.


I’ll never wash this off.

Rick’s humanity is one accomplishment that continues on through this episode and I question just who he really is, the same as Carl.  He seems able, now at the end of season 4, to kill without as much grave influence on his emotions as before.  The flashbacks show his humanity, the growth into a confident man, secure in the presence of those around him.  At some point, he’s hardened into a deadly leader.  Throughout the finale, Rick is that hardened man, accepting of his growth, accepting of the violence.  I think this means he is even more ruthless than the people at Terminus.   

On the Talking Dead, one of the writers promised that season 5 would be a “nuclear bomb” and I have no doubt of that.  Rick is going to stomp a new mudhole in these Terminus guys.  He’s then going to step on the leader’s neck and perhaps even kill them all.  Will he then become Terminus?  Or will he move on?  There’s no doubt that Rick has to strike back or there’s no payoff to the end of this episode.  


The pocket watch was a gift from Hershel to Glenn. Did you know that?

All in all, this episode was solid, but it teased us. Maybe it needed something a little more to be really great.  I think we all cheered when Rick headbutted that redneck hunter and saved everyone, so hopefully we’ll get more of that next season as Rick summons his inner Samuel L. Jackson to deliver revenge courtesy of one, bad mother-trucker.  But before that can happen, they have to run 30 mins of commercials.  Geezus, was that just me or what?  Anyway, the cliffhanger did get me hungry for more badass Rick, so I’ll definitely be there to see what happens.  






Summary of this episode:

The episode opens back at the prison and this flashback gave me a strange trip!  Hershel is smiling, but looks uneasy as he looks at Carl.  Uh oh!  Flashing forward, we see Rick sitting on the ground a bloody mess and it looks like he’s been through a lot, obviously in a place a far cry from the prison, his friends, and the love of his son.  The episode continues with Rick, Michonne, and Carl as they survive in the wilderness.  Rick prevents Carl from saving a screaming man and they run off, trekking quickly down a road until they get to a truck.  They are ambushed by Daryl’s pals, the redneck hunters, who hold them at gunpoint. Daryl tries to reason with the rednecks, but they attack him.  Rick eventually overcomes them and murders them all, to the horrific sight of his friends. Afterward, Daryl and Rick talk things over.  They continue on to Terminus, where Rick finds one of the Terminus group with a pocket watch he recognizes.  The Terminus group trap our heroes in a train car, where Rick vows revenge.