Great Debate #4: Do Spoilers Ruin Your Movie Experience?

taken1Today, computers and other technologies try their best to spoil movies, or get the scoop on the latest details, so they can recount every last, little thing to the reader.  Many of these summaries or articles don’t have spoiler warnings, but many do.  Why do spoilers exist?  Why do people summarize a movie like Amazing Spider-Man 2 on April 21 before it even comes out in the USA?  Why is that important?  I don’t get it.  And more to the point, do spoilers lessen the impact of movies, movie twists, and overall steal money from studios?  The answer is yes.

All I can say is that Wikipedia sucks.  This bottom-feeder encyclopedia wanna-be has for years, held all the details about just about every subject you can think of, masquerading as a primary source, and driving teachers and professors nuts.  Many educators caution their students not to use Wikipedia when they are writing their papers because it is not a primary source.  Anybody with half a brain can go onto Wikipedia and edit the content, spoilers or not.  Anyway, my point is, because it is free and because almost anyone can go on there, people get use this site to spoil themselves and I think it probably hurts the studio bottom-line.  That’s why I have to pay 15 dollars for a friggin good seat.  Thanks Wikipedia.

spoiler1People read spoilers because it is interesting to read about popular entertainment, but maybe if someone was on the fence about a movie, their opinion might be swayed either way by reading spoilers.  Mostly, technology influences the buzz a movie now gets and no matter how many trailers it runs on TV, nobody will see it if the internet says it sucks.  I am generalizing, but that’s mostly what happens.  Twitter and movie news sites do have an influence, mostly negative, on movies.  That’s just the way it is.  They’ll usually have pictures and information in posts or websites, so as to back their “opinion”.  I’d really be stupid if I didn’t do a little research before wasting my money on a movie, but I don’t want to be told what to think by the internet.  But the endless, endless amounts of stupidity on the internet just gets to be too much sometimes.  

Many of the “rumors” posted on the internet are even worse.  I see this mostly in connection with my viewing of the show The Walking Dead, which has a good following.   Which means there’s going to be a crapload of places posting news, posting rumors, and posting whatever the hell they want to post to get views.  I read somewhere a months ago that Lennie James aka Morgan on The Walking Dead was going to appear in the season 4 conclusion, which wasn’t true.  Is he signed up? Yes.  He will appear next season, but is that a spoiler now?  Am I going to not be as surprised?  Yes, but I think I’ll still enjoy the show and the episode he’s on.  

Image1I can remember trying to avoid spoilers for my exclusive showing of the movie, Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  I wanted all my reactions to be genuine and to analyze it without any preconceived notions.  So I had to literally avoid Youtube news for a few days.  Plus, I knew a lot about Captain America anyway, having read comics when I was a kid, so I guess I was already spoiled.  I just wanted to see what the movie had to offer.  Is that so wrong?

Spoilers may be unavoidable as the amount of people using technology increases, but I guess that’s the most obvious statement I’ve ever made.  Maybe movies themselves will try to police this information highway, but spoilers, and even people trying to rip off movies, will still be around.  People just have to avoid them.  I can avoid spoilers by not going to the places I know will be prime spoiler areas, but I can say that mainly, spoilers exist because people like entertainment and want to talk about movies.  They’re excited, so some people are liable to post anything.  Thinking of the future, there are already pictures of the shooting of The Avengers 2 on the internet, a much anticipated movie, but how many spoilers will you read?   I can’t help myself, but I’ll try not to read about the plot, as I’ve done with other movies, because I want to give it an honest chance.  Do you?