Brutally Honest Review #3: Friday the 13th part 2 makes no sense at all

friday6Friday the 13th part 2 (1981) literally makes no sense.  Except for some of the dialogue, no scene in this movie makes sense.  It is thrown together with contrivances and to give Jason something to do.  This sequel has something of a tall older to live up to, because the original Friday the 13th was so good.  Friday the 13th part 2 could be the stupidest of all the Friday sequels and fails in almost every way.

At the beginning, Alice is killed by Jason at her house.  This is laughable because I’m not sure how Jason knew where she lived or got inside.  The only explanation to how he got in is that he was in there the whole time before she got home or something.  That’s when he put the head in the fridge to scare Alice.  Jason had to hide the whole time, but the place looks pretty small, so he must have been behind the curtains.  Pretty funny.

friday1Afterward, we are introduced to our new main characters, Jeff, Sandra, and Ted.  As they drive to the camp, the car stops in the road because there is an old piece of wood blocking their way.  It doesn’t look like a fallen tree because it is old and falling apart.  How did it get there?  The only answer is that Jason put it there, but why?  To spy on the people passing by, I guess, which is really a lot work to spy on people.  And I guess this takes place a good amount of time after Alice’s murder cause he’s back in the woods at this point.  Jason just watches the kids.  I’m not sure if he replaced the wood in the road to watch the next car, but it’s kinda silly.

friday2Paul briefs the camp counselors on new camp policies when Ginny arrives.  I guess it’s supposed to be opening day for the counselors, but Ginny is just arriving.  She says she had car trouble.  I guess Paul is training the counselors, but there’s never any work shown in the movie.   They hike, swim, and do a bunch of talking.  They cook some hot dogs.  Aren’t they setting anything up?  What about the activities?  The camp schedule? 

The counselors go running down a dirt road and it looks like they are familiarizing themselves with the camp.  They walk along and Paul tells them to stay on the trail, but it looks like they are just walking through weeds.  Terry’s dog wanders through weeds and finds Jason, then it disappears.  She later goes looking for it, but turns back when she’s called for lunch.  This makes no sense.  Doesn’t she love the dog?  Why wasn’t it on a leash in the first place?  I guess she loves lunch more than her dog, which is pretty messed up.

friday5Sandra and Jeff walk to Camp Blood, which they’ve said is off-limits.  The police pick them up and the Sheriff chastises Paul for setting up shop next to Camp Blood, which is a good point.  Why did he set up a camp next to a famous murder site?  Presumably the murders were in all the papers, so I don’t get it.  The only reason is because the sequel has to be nearby to the original setting, but it makes Paul look like an idiot, so to cover this, he has to act like he doesn’t care about what happened Camp Blood, which is stupid.

The counselors leave camp in Ginny’s broken down Volkswagen Beetle, which is working just fine now, but later won’t start when Ginny wants to get away from Jason.  It only works when convenient, I guess.  The counselors booze it up at the bar.  Paul says that it is their last day before they get to work, so I guess the day Ginny arrived wasn’t opening day after all.  That’s pretty confusing.  Why was he mad Ginny was late then?  What was she late for anyway?  It’s not like they’re doing any work.  I’d say that Paul is the worst planner ever.

 Terry goes skinny-dipping and Scott snatches her clothes while she’s swimming, then runs into a rope trap that leaves him hanging from a tree.  She decides to go back to camp for a knife, not simply untie him.  This is convenient because it gives Jason time to kill him.  Maybe Terry should have been looking for her dog instead of eating and swimming.  

friday4While at the bar, Ginny explains that Jason doesn’t know the meaning of death.  She says he wants revenge for the death of his mother, which makes no sense because of what she just said.  Paul doesn’t believe her because Jason is only a legend, which doesn’t make sense.  Obviously, there must be records of a Jason drowning at Camp Blood, so there really was a Jason.  That’s why his mother was a psycho in the first one.  Doesn’t he believe this story?  Maybe it’s that he doesn’t believe Jason grew up and became a serial killer, which is more probable.  It’s still not very smart, and it makes the police look like the sane ones in this movie, closing off Camp Blood like they told him earlier.

Jason then goes to town killing the counselors.  He wears a sack over his head with one eye cut out, which makes no sense because I don’t think he’s partially blind.  Later, Ginny becomes Final Girl and is chased around the camp by Jason.  She hides in Jason’s shack and finds his mother’s mummified head, which makes no sense, since we saw her head in Alice’s fridge at the beginning of the movie.  I guess Jason brought the head back home, but it looks like a completely different head.  It has white hair for some reason.  Maybe the head in the fridge at the beginning wasn’t Pamela Voorhees, which makes no sense.  This movie MAKES NO SENSE.

Ginny smacks Jason with a rusty machete and saves Paul, then they both leave him for dead.  After they go back to their cabin, Jason jumps through the window and surprises Ginny, grabbing her.  He has the machete in his shoulder.  Jason struggles with Paul, but the scene cuts away and she is carted away by an ambulance, which makes no sense.  What happened to Paul?  I guess he was killed off-screen, but that’s the most confusing ending ever.  Was that last part a dream?  Part III contradicts the ending of this film, which makes it worse.  It has still never been explained to this day.  It is pretty obvious to me that Paul died at the end, but that is never confirmed either way.  Even Part III doesn’t confirm this.

friday3Roger Ebert gave this movie a half-star rating out of four and I agree.  There are only two good things about this movie: the death of Vicki and the death of Mark, probably the two most memorable deaths in all of horror, but even that’s pushing it.  It’s still very poor.  It has a horrible script and characters have very poor motivations or actions throughout.  Much of it is contrived, like Ginny’s car only running when it has to.  I would much rather watch ANY of the other sequels than this one.  Fortunately (or unfortunately), there are a lot to choose from.