The Creature sells the Black Lagoon and moves

walks2The Creature from the Black Lagoon apparently didn’t learn his lesson in the previous sequel, as he comes back for more abuse, from characters in the movie and audiences alike.  I don’t know why I keep watching these god-awful movies.  I’m just hoping there is a little something entertaining, that harkens back to old-fashioned monster movies like The Mummy that I have enjoyed.  I was struggling with The Creature Walks Among Us (1956) though, because it felt thrown together and it is bad.  Just bad.

The film opens with some scientists capturing The Creature just after it escaped its SeaWorld paradise.  I can at least say that the underwater parts of these sequels are usually well-done, except this time around.  The original had some good shots and the sequel, Revenge of the Creature, had the same committment to quality, despite it being a low-budget cash-in.  The Creature Walks Among Us has only one underwater scene and it is poorly done, with its plain, generic, SeaWorld swimming.

walks1The real problem with this movie is its budget.  The movie is not visually appealing.  The creature costume is one of the worst designs in film-history and the set design is non-existent.  The Creature itself looks like he’s gained about 100 pounds overnight and become a professional wrestler.  The mask, the bodysuit and the clothing is terrible.   The Creature wears a shirt and pants for most of the movie for God’s sake, probably to save the studio money.  Just bad.

walks4Some doctors operate on the Creature and give him lungs, which makes no sense, but now the story takes place almost entirely on land.  The Creature stands around in a cage gazing at the water, which makes no sense because he can’t breath underwater after his operation.  Even worse, he busts out of his cage easily at the end of the movie, apparently having just wanted to stand around in a cage for some reason.  I didn’t understand it.

This movie makes less sense than a Friday the 13th sequel.  The Creature throws a guy off a balcony for trying to frame him for murder, ridding us of one terrible character.  He then shuffles off like a fat guy in a rubber suit back toward the ocean.  The movie then ends.  The Creature must have died, because he can’t breath underwater anymore, which is a terrible way to end the movie.  They never show what really happened though, which is pretty funny.

 walks5The actors in this movie are decent, I will give them credit there.  None of the acting is cringe-worthy, but maybe that’s just because at the sixty-minute mark, my standards eroded to nothing.  None of these small-time actors have a legacy or reached any huge amounts of fame.  Leigh Snowden plays the attractive love-interest, the only woman in the film, and she was a B-Movie actress through and through.

This 1956 movie was the last in The Creature series by Universal.  It was made into a 70 minute 3-D movie, but there are no obvious 3-D effects.  If nothing else, The Creature showed some depth of emotion for once, in his longing for the ocean and his revenge against humanity.  I can’t think of much else to complement.

I think the prior sequel Revenge of the Creature (1955) is underrated and way better than this film.  It was at least well-directed, and had a Clint Eastwood cameo.  Many large themes can be seen in that movie, but much of that is absent from this third outing.  Universal must have been happy with Revenge of the Creature too, because that is the only explanation I can think of for this movie.  It is really a shame how the Creature was treated by Universal, as they put him in a pants-suit and made the story into a land-based soap opera, which is about as far from the source material as you can get.