Walking Dead pic of the week #2

This week’s Walking Dead pic is from issue #2 published in 2003, showing Rick’s gaunt through the city on horseback.    Most of the issue is devoted to Rick as he wanders around through the country and in the city trying to survive.  He finds a horse in a local barn and rides it into the city.  In the television series, Andrew Lincoln delivers a great performance as he follows this storyline. 

On the TV show, they never show Rick finding the horse, but he is ambushed in the same way by a whole lot of zombies as he rides into the city.  He has to leave his horse behind and take shelter in a tank, where he is contacted by Glenn.  There is no tank scene in the comic story, but Rick and Glenn still meet and have a similar discussion.  They simply escape the city and walk to the camp shelter, where Rick’s wife and son are at.  This is drawn out quite a bit more in the television show.  

As an early issue, The Walking Dead #2 is still establishing the tone of the comic book story.  Rick chops zombies and swears up a storm as he tries to avoid death.  Zombies tear flesh apart right on the page and many of their faces have decayed away.  Issue #2 clearly wants to paint itself as a horror comic and Glenn gives Rick the rules in only one panel, saying that one bite from a zombie means death.

Glenn also says that the government tried to encourage people to take shelter in the cities.  This led to even more deaths as the government concentrated the food for the zombies in one place.  I suppose this is irony.  

In the letter’s page, writer Robert Kirkman responds to a question asking him why the comic is not done in color:

I wouldn’t want to do this book in color…I’m a huge fan of Night of the Living Dead and to me this stuff just works better in black and white.  Have you seen the zombies in Dawn of the Dead?  Yeesh, they look awful.  No matter how great that movie is those zombies just suck that’s all there is to it.  Black and White is where it’s at for this stuff… it just works better in my mind.

The Walking Dead television show does credit to horror television and does so in color, so I’m not sure what he’s talking about.  Should the television show be in black and white?  Perhaps Kirkman just doesn’t like how Dawn of the Dead looks on film, although I believe its colorful style makes it more like a comic book than I think Kirkman gives it credit for.  Whatever the case, The Walking Dead television show clearly wants to be a modern horror show, and it is doing a good job at that.