Walking Dead Pic of the Week #3

Jim might be the saddest character to appear on The Walking Dead.  His exit from the show is especially sad, seeing as how we never learned his fate.  He decided to remain on the side of the road, rather than have someone shoot him or kill himself.

Not much is known about Jim’s background.  He was featured in The Walking Dead #4 and #5 and this storyline was clearly followed on the show during season 2.  Jim in the comic book is a slightly older man, and is probably the stereotypical working man metaphor for the show.  He starts digging holes in the ground when he becomes frustrated and depressed, after losing his family during the apocalypse.  He loves or loved his family a lot, typical of a working man.

Jim was played by Andrew Rothenberg on The Walking Dead TV show.  He has a long TV career and has appeared on many dramas, such as CSI and Castle.  He is from Chicago.

Whatever happened to Jim?  He was left by the side of the road and he probably turned into a zombie thanks to his injuries.   The thing about Jim that is memorable is that his death remained one of the more hopeless moments on the show.  It’s not like we saw his end like many other characters, and that is what the most depressing thing of all.

He wasn’t a villain and he wasn’t quite a clean cut good guy either.  He was a realistic person and had unique reactions.  Like any good working man, Jim makes light of his injuries in The Walking Dead #5.