Richard Attenborough passes away at age 90

rich1Richard Attenborough was a star on-screen and behind it as director too, but it came as a shock that I learned of his passing Sunday.  There is no doubt in my mind that Richard Attenborough was a great actor, and he starred in a film I reviewed on this site, The Great Escape, with Steve McQueen.  I also liked him, along with everyone else in the world, in Jurassic Park, and thought he did a great job.   He gave a lot to the acting profession and you can see that his friends really respected him.

In 1983, Richard won two Oscars for Gandhi, a film he produced and directed.  When he won his Oscar for best-picture, he was very respectful and moved.  He thanked his friend Moti Kothari for giving him the idea for the movie in the first place, and was disappointed his friend was not there to share the award, as he had previously passed away. 

As for films he acted in, The Great Escape was the biggest of them all, until Jurassic Park came along.  At the 1983 Academy Awards, Richard beat the pants off Steven Spielberg, but neither one had a bitter bone in their body, because they worked together more than 20 years later.  In 2008, Richard continued to complement Spielberg and said that E.T. was a better picture than Gandhi in 1983, which is humility if I’ve ever heard it.  Maybe he was paying tribute to Spielberg, as the Jurassic Park director held no grudge, and never wanted anyone else but Richard Attenborough for the role of John Hammond.  

Richard Attenborough seemed like a great guy.  He had three children and seven grand-children who will miss him.  As will everyone else.