Walking Dead pic of the week #4

The Walking Dead really had a great dynamic between Shane and Rick and their rivalry was one of things that built the show into what it is today.  Jon Bernthal played Shane and he doesn’t get enough credit for his performance.  He had to be Rick’s pal, but also had to be arrogant, a wanna-be leader, sorta slimy and jealous all at once.  Bernthal accomplishes this, but doesn’t come off as too much of any one thing, at least in the early seasons.  

The death of Shane was a really dramatic moment in The Walking Dead tv show.  It was done differently in the comic book, but still featured Carl gunning him down.  The only difference in the comics is that Carl shot Shane while he was threatening Rick with a gun.  In the tv show, Rick stabs and kills Shane like a murderer, and then Carl shoots the undead version of Shane.  This is a big mistake.  Not only does it cast Rick as really vicious and deadly, but it reveals his true character to Carl.  This is maybe why Rick becomes cold-blooded in season 4.  

I have to complement Jon Bernthal for bringing this character to life.  I thought Shane was just a one-note character, and he was killed off in issue number six of the series, early on, considering they are now on issue one-hundred.  Kirkman didn’t rush Shane’s death in the television show, but took his time and made him part of the group.  This is one of the benefits of working with a source material like The Walking Dead.  It’s already been written.  The comic is basically like a storyboard, like Sin City was for Frank Miller.  All Kirkman has to do is improve upon his own work.  I say this like it’s easy, but the source material has to be a benefit in more ways than one.  Providing great characters and great character arcs is one of those benefits.