The Walking Dead adds another character?

I’m not sure I like the new Rick, but the new guy from Terminus is annoying me already. He looks to be the guy in charge, a part which I thought was taken by Denise Crosby. He threatens Rick and makes him look like a helpless dork, which is par for the course in this show. Rick threatens him and the guy smiles an arrogant jerk. I’m not sure where this guy came from, but it looks like he’s holding the group, and he becomes interesting in the group’s trip to Washington DC.

awest1This new guy in charge is played by Andrew J. West. It looks like he joins the group after he tries to kill everybody in the group.  For some reason.  Bob whines and looks like he plays the role of exposition guy, explaining that he should hop on board the train to Washington. This could be the rival to Rick we’ve been missing since the death of Shane.  Maybe the two groups come to a truce and decide that the already spoiled plot to Washington is more important.  Should be interesting.  Maybe.