Walking Dead pic of the week #5

Today’s picture comes from The Walking Dead #9, where Carl is accidentally shot, a scene that leads to the introduction of Hershel and the farm.  This scene was adapted in “What Lies Ahead”, a great opener to season 2 of The Walking Dead TV show.  The group is still searching for Sophia at this point, and Shane is still around, although he was killed off in The Walking Dead #6.  Even though Shane’s role is not the focus here, he has a great dynamic with the group nonetheless.  He takes the place of Tyreese, who was introduced in #8, though much later in the television show.

The title of this episode was originally “Miles Behind Us”, as in the comic book.  “What Lies Ahead” is a much better title, as it acts as an opener, and the words conjure this meaning.  “Miles Behind Us” feels more like an ending, and makes a more confident sounding reference to the many miles the group has survived.  “What Lies Ahead” has the opposite meaning, in referencing the unknown to come.

Otis and the rest are not seen until the next episode of The Walking Dead, but the comic book moves much faster.  Carl is taken to the farm, operated on, wakes up, and everyone hangs out all in one issue.  On the other hand, there is more action and things for the characters to do on the TV show, such as when Shane and Otis go to collect supplies.  Unlike the comics, Herself is not the all-knowing, all-powerful doctor, which gives his character a more human quality, and this finally gives Jon Bernthal something to do in order to help.

Pruitt Taylor Vince played Otis on the television show.  He started out acting in films, though transitioned to television, and I was surprised how many shows he has guest-starred on.  I think he does a great job acting all meek, though he is a big guy.  The Walking Dead producers do a good job casting this story arc.