The Walking Dead Season 5 predictions part 1

dead4This is the first post of my predictions for season 5 of The Walking Dead.  My sources are E! News,,, and other websites.  The trailers paint the story as fairly predictable, though I imagine there will be a surprise or three.  And I think there will be at least one death in the opening episode, not counting some of the Terminus people, who will probably feel the wrath of Rick by the end of the episode.

The name of the first episode is “Never Let Your Guard Down”.  I think this title is especially clever, and it probably fits Rick the best, given his aggressive tendancies at the end of season 4.  However, the title could also be a reference to the Terminus crew too, who are out to survive, no matter what.  That’s why they became cannibals.  I’m not sure if this will be directly referenced in the opener, but they don’t need to spend a lot of time on the obvious.



Gareth and the interrogation

From the cast photos and trailers released by AMC, we can see Rick and the group facing off with the Terminus folks at gunpoint.  They probably acquire guns and ammunition later on, because the group is stuck in a trailer at the end of season 4.  They might just make a break for it or rush their captors.  Whatever the case, the group is recaptured.

At the midway point of the episode, I think we’ll finally be introduced to Gareth, played by Andrew J. West.  I don’t think he dies in the opener, despite his really evil tendencies.  He interrogates the group, as in the trailer.  It might be that he orders the death of one of the group, really pissing Rick off.


death of Glenn in The Walking Dead #100

It may be the new character, Burton, who tries to help out the group and prevents Gareth from killing everyone.  He is captured by the Terminus folks and he may become the victim of Gareth’s violence, as an example of what can happen to Rick and his pals. If this follows the comic book storyline, the Terminus folks start eating Burton, but then realize he’s been bitten by a zombie. It may be that Rick’s group is able to sneak out after their captors die to zombie food poisoning.

There is a large battle outside and many zombies get blown up, as in the most recent trailer for season 5.  This could be a different episode, or it could be the climax, when Rick and the group are sneaking away.  They aren’t doing a very good job, obviously.

There are rumors floating around that Glenn dies in the season premiere.  This could be the death Gareth orders, like I mentioned earlier.  There is a tease of this in the trailer, but whether they go for it or not, remains to be seen.  Steven Yeun is a great part of the show and he’ll really be missed.  Glenn dies in issue #100 of the comic series in a similar way, on his knees in front of some evil people.  On the other hand, they’ve not teased one death in a trailer to date.  It may be that someone else like Bob takes the punishment in Glenn’s place.

 It may be that Rick and the group fail to escape, and they are on their knees at the end of the episode.  They fail hardcore.  And just like issue #100, the mercenaries force Rick’s group to do their bidding.  Or they all die.  The end.  That’s a pretty pathetic episode, if you ask me.  How Gareth becomes a season regular is really beyond me, because you can’t order the death of a fan-favorite and become Rick’s pal.  Then again, maybe Gareth’s ultimatum is that now he’s leading them to Washington whether they like it or not.

Without Glenn, I don’t really see a reason for Maggie to be around either.  I don’t think there’s going to be a Beth appearance in the opener, despite her closing out the trailer.  She could be in a stand-alone episode.  All we have to look forward to is Gareth stomping all over the group and Rick trying to act like a badass, but failing miserably.  Sorry guys.