Angry Video Game Nerd THE MOVIE…Review


Steven Spielberg says this game sucks (but the movie is okay)

James Rolfe is the Angry Video Game Nerd, an exaggerated caricature who hates playing bad video games, but plays them anyway, to the amusement of millions of addicted YouTube fans.  Rolfe started making episodes of this show way back in 2007 and it was a hit right from the start, earning about 1 to 2 million views per video.  Rolfe’s film background allowed him good production quality and the retro topic was appealing to many young and old people alike.  The videos ripped into bad games by Atari and Nintendo and offered a lot of comedy, swearing, and foul-mouthed attacks, but Rolfe vented the frustration that many gamers had been feeling for years.  He then began developing a movie based on his antics and released it in 2014 on Vimeo, an internet on-demand service.  It cost me 5 bucks. Worth it?


The infamous Atari 2600

Unlike the Nerd videos found on Youtube, the Nerd Movie is longer and has better production.  It is even funny in spots.  It still has the references to Atari and Nintendo, and includes many jokes at their expense.  The overall Nerd concept is pure gold, and it is fun to listen to him make fun of bad games from the 80s.  That’s not the point of the movie, but he still swears more often than a drunk guy after the bar closes and the story centers around video games.  So its basically the same thing.


Did the video game market just crash?

  The movie begins with a simple description of the video game crash of 1983.  This period was when the video game market became too bloated with bad products and it is probably great fodder for comedy according to the Nerd.  He pulls from the 80s and early 90s almost exclusively for his videos, and the movie has the same retro vibe.  The description of the crash itself exaggerates the flop of the video game market to begin the plot.



The plot focuses on a video game company, who is going to make a sequel to one of the worst games ever made and use James Rolfe to endorse it.  Sounds simple, right?  The first time the Nerd sees a sign for ET 2 he can’t believe it, since ET was and is the worst game of all time.  His boss is so over-the-top that its great.  He forces the Nerd to get to selling a new game called War Duty 3000, which is a knock-off of Call of Duty, perhaps the epitome of what the Angry Nerd show is all about.  There are even more video game in-jokes.

nerd5The Nerd then sets out to debunk and ruin the chances for ET 2 to sell, which means he has to unearth and disprove all the rumors about the original Atari ET. He recruits his friend Cooper to help him out and they meet some interesting people along the way.  Sarah Glendening is thrown in for color and for us to look at.  I think the actors are decent actors for what it is, but this movie is so low-budget I don’t think they even have a category for it.   

This movie pulls out all the media, movie, and video game clichés for this one.  In between, the Nerd group visit the ET game creator, run from the military, and encounter some rubber aliens.  The Nerd recruits his own alien buddy and has it out with a boss, video game style.  The boss stomps Las Vegas like Godzilla.

The fact that James Rolfe and his friends put themselves out there for our entertainment really makes me respect this movie.  It is not a good movie, but it is funny in some parts, and delivers on my expectations.  The Nerd swears up a storm, reviews video games, rips on Atari, and some friends join in for a bonus round. 




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