Great Debate #9: Top Ten Sequels? A crap list?

sequel1People really hate bad sequels and they really hate bad sequels to good movies even more.  The original usually is the best offering and the hated sequel is usually a retread or poorly received.  There are rare exceptions though, by those sequels who dare to deviate from the formula.    Which are the best sequels of all-time?  That’d be an interesting discussion.  Which ones are the most disappointing?  See if you agree with my lists.


The Best Sequels —

10.  Evil Dead 2 – Coming in at number 10 is Evil Dead 2, the Sam Raimi classic that basically repeats the exact same story from Evil Dead, the original.  It’s the same thing, but people love it all the same.  They love the camp.  They love the faux-horror.  And they love Bruce Campbell.  Sometimes I wonder why, but Evil Dead 2 is just a good time, and that’s what movies are for.

9.  Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors – This is the best Nightmare sequel in my opinion.  It is even better than the original in some parts.  Whenever I see a list of top horror films online, this film makes the list every time.

8. Superman 2 –  This is a great Superman sequel.  Superman takes on Zod and there are plenty of emotional scenes, and there’s actually a plot.  The ending is a little cheesy, but it is way better than most sequels, probably because they filmed it at the same time as the original.

7.  Terminator 2 – The original Terminator movie is probably one of the most classic science fiction films ever made.  The sequel tops it with action.  That’s pretty much why everyone loves that film.  It certainly isn’t the acting, although Sigourney Weaver is the best angry woman ever.

6.  Aliens – I think Sigourney Weaver does a better job in this film.  She has more emotions than just anger-at-the-world.  The supporting cast is better and helps her along.  

5.  Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan – This is probably the best Star Trek film of them all, and it’s not a huge feat to be better than the first one, Star Trek the Snore-a-palooza.  Ricardo Montalban does some of his best work in this film and drives the cast, giving them something to react to and play off of.

4.  National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – I watch this movie every year during the holidays like it’s a tradition.  This movie is nearly perfect.  It is great fun and Chevy Chase fits his role like a glove.  Every gag is better than the last.  It’s one of my favorite films.  And it’s a sequel which easily tops the other crappy Lampoon’s movies.

3.  Dawn of the Dead – This is another movie that tops the original in almost every category.  It’s almost as if it is a different type of movie.  There is more gore, the story is a bit bigger, and there are more things for the characters to do.  There’s even more characters.

2.  The Empire Strikes Back – This could be the best sequel of all-time and some would argue that it tops the original.  I think the ending is its only weakness, and it inspires a whole generation of movies to never end, just delay the story for another sequel.

1.  The Godfather, part 2 – I think this movie tops the original Godfather even more than Empire tops the original Star Wars.  It is arguably the best role Al Pacino has ever had.

The Worst Sequels —

10.  28 Weeks Later – This just falls into the disappointing category for me because there is no doubt that this movie is really scary and loud.  It makes you dizzy with shakey cam and jump scares.  It’s just not very good and the characters aren’t memorable at all. Can you name any?  Many of them have odd actions, just to set up a scare.  I think if this movie was actually good, they would have made more sequels, but they didn’t.

9.  Star Trek 5: The Final Frontier – This is the only Star Trek movie I can’t watch.  It’s just painful.  William Shatner’s t-shirts are painful.  The writing is painful.  Nichelle Nichols dancing is painful.  Spock having a weird-ass brother nobody has ever heard of is the worst of all.  

8.  Son of the Mask – The original Jim Carrey movie didn’t need a sequel, but we got one anyway, but with a different tone.  We also get Loki as an actual character this time, and he’s only included because the movie writers wanted an origin story.  Loki and Odin argue and make this film long.  It is not funny.  It is second-rate in every way  to the original and terrible.

7.  Jaws, the Revenge – This is a terrible Jaws sequel.  Roy Scheider refused to appear in this movie and I know why after watching it.  Enough is enough.  How many times can you make the same shark sequel?  

6.  The Ring 2 – This sequel is another disappointment and it is crap.  The tone of the original is gone.  The dread is gone.  It’s pure crap and fumbles around with overacting and melodrama, trying to be scary.  It isn’t.  Naomi Watts looks embarrassed.

5.  Halloween III – I literally hate this movie.  I hate it.  It is not a Halloween sequel.  Many people on the internet love this movie and think it’s awesome. What part?  The crappy acting?  The annoying music?  The violence against kids?  I don’t get it.  I will never get it.

4.  Highlander 2 – This is the biggest disappointment in movie sequels.  It turns a mystical adventure into a simple aliens story.  Pure crap right there.  It is bad.  The movie tries to loop in some social commentary about depleting the ozone layer.  Dumb.  Sean Connery is even bad.  It just doesn’t work.  Ever.

3.  Friday the 13th, part 2 – The most contrived and bullcrap sequel ever.  I think any of the other Friday sequels are better than this crapfest, even Jason X.  The worst part is the ending, which is never resolved.  That’s right, we never actually see if Paul actually lived or died.  What happened to Jason?  Who knows.  How did Alice live?  No one is telling.  This movie is a mystery all around.

2.  Batman & Robin – I don’t think I need to explain why this movie is bad.  This movie is self-indulgent crap.  It ruined the Batman franchise so much they had to reboot it.  The director Joel Schumacher even apologized for it, that’s how bad it is.

1.  The Matrix Reloaded – At least The Matrix Revolutions has good action, even though it contradicts almost everything set up in Reloaded.  I just can’t stand Reloaded.  The post-modern philosophy double-talk that the Architect spews from his behind is the worst dialogue I’ve ever heard.  Whole websites have been set up to make fun of this movie.  If you thought Leprechaun 2 was worse than Reloaded, at least that doesn’t have thinly veiled philosophy.