How to Transform into a Werewolf

werewolf6I was NOT surprised, but there has been a lot of discussion about how to become a werewolf over the internet.  There are websites about werewolves and there are websites about becoming werewolves.  There is a society of werewolves in Europe and discussion groups on reddit in the vein of serious roleplay.  There are werewolf sightings polls and other crazy posts all over the internet.  If one were to type in the word “werewolf” into Google, any of these things are easy to find, even information on Navajo tradition.  

The idea of Skinwalkers has been the subject of TV and the movies for many years.  A Skinwalker is a Native American who can travel in animal form, which is a very simple description.  A skinwalker was featured on the first season of The X-Files as a monster.  Skinwalkers was a 2006 film directed by James Isaac, but it was not well received.  It was horrible.

Most werewolf researchers and lycanthropy PhDs agree that it might not be possible to become a werewolf anymore.  However, it might be possible to trick the body into taking on animal-like qualities.  The Navajo believed in gifting others with animal “totems”, helping them achieve a better understanding and communion with nature.  Of course, most people agree that a bite from a werewolf WAS the only REAL way to transform oneself into a werewolf. No one is really sure, however.  Today, people wonder if humans have evolved beyond the capability to become werewolves anymore.

I think this is why some websites claim that werewolves are extinct. confirms this conclusion and says that the werewolf went extinct around the 19th century.  Surprisingly, a leading researcher claims that the werewolf evolved into Bigfoot.  Daniel Boot’s research into shapeshifting Lycanthropy has provided a connection between Bigfoot and the werewolf.  Somehow.  It may be that this evolution never stopped and Bigfoot continued to evolve, making it the master chameleon we know today.

Many theories have been tested to reassert that werewolf transformation is still possible.  Unfortunately, National Geographic disproved the theory that dancing to Alice Cooper in a wolf pelt causes shapeshifting Lycanthropy.  And, no one has been able to sign a pact with the Devil, so almost ALL the possibilities to becoming a werewolf have been disproven.  The last one is being tested as we speak by the European commission called PAETA, People Against the Extinction of Terrible Animals.  

PAETA has set up in Romania, where they are testing the idea of genetic werewolfism.  This is a specific type of birthing with a very specific sequence, which the commission says makes a werewolf possible.  In the small town of Buud, a makeshift base has been set up for this study.  Scientists are contacting various mothers to test the theory that the seventeenth child born under a full moon, while being watched by the oldest man in town, doused in oil, with their eyes covered by a wolf pelt…BECOMES a werewolf.   They have not been successful YET.

All in all, NATURAL lycanthropy may never be possible ever again.  It may be up to researchers and genetic scientists to bring back the werewolf for study and for its shiny coat.  If it were only as easy as in the 14th century.  Oh well.