The Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere Review

wdead1The season 5 opening to The Walking Dead hooked us and threw in some big time action to keep us riveted.  After the opening, we checked on Carol and Tyrese.  Guess what they were doing?  That’s right, walking along the train tracks and killing zombies, same as before.  But this time, Carol summons the power of Sigourney Weaver and goes to town saving her friends.   Are those gunshots at Terminus I hear?  Suit up, Robin, we’re going in.

wdead2Rick continued being crazy Rick.  He threatens a guy while he’s tied up with no obvious escape.  The guy in charge is Garrett and he just gives a smile to Rick’s promise of death by hatchet.  I think Garrett has the most irritating smile I’ve ever seen, which is good for the episode, because he’s the villain here.  The power of a baby derails Rick’s plan to slaughter Terminus, and we never see what happens to Garrett, as a result.

wdead3Thanks to Sigourney Weaver, all hell breaks loose.  Rick kills two men with a piece of wood and Carol becomes an expert marksman while covered in zombie feces.  Why did they abandon this lady again?  Sigourney Weaver hits the headshots like a Call of Duty expert.

I think Tyrese and Martin blow their scenes out of the water.  Martin just kills it, no pun intended.  He’s a jerk and plays it well.  He also hits it right on the head, because Tyrese really is a good guy, and that’s his weakness.  Too bad for Martin, Tyrese wasn’t feeling all that weak.  This episode is like a conflict, a serious clash of different philosophies.  Even Rick’s philosophy is still clashing with his own group.

wdead4When Eugene reveals the cure for the apocalypse, I’m surprised nobody called him on that donkey bullcrap.  It’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.  Flip the switch?  What?  Likely story, pal.  

All in all, this is a pretty good episode.  It has payoffs for a couple of season threads and there’s some reunions, but the main series plot is only touched on.  It’s pretty much an action episode.  So Rick is now leading a wagon train of 25 people and I’ve got to wonder how they’re going to top this episode.  They slashed throats on camera, for god’s sake.  I was surprised they nuked Terminus, because I could imagine Rick and his group becoming the new Terminus.  Of course, I am really glad I was wrong about some other things, including the death of Glenn.  Very glad to be wrong! Yay, this show.