The Walking Dead Predictions: Ep 502 – Strangers

walkingdead1Episode 502 picks up right after the end of 501, after Rick and the group escape Terminus.  Because the group is crowded with so many characters, we might not get time with all of them.  The show is going to start a new plot thread, where we’ll see the first appearance of Father Gabriel in episode 502, entitled “Strangers”.  Father Gabriel has a dark secret and may be guilty of turning away a group of strangers who come to his church.  He has a heart to heart with Rick and may help them find some direction, so to speak.  Isiah Washington plays Father Gabriel and he could be the most experienced actor they’ve hired yet.  His resume includes television AND film, dating from the year 1991.  We’ll have to see if his interpretation of Father Gabriel works, but I have a good feeling about this guy.