Top Ten Military Movies

gloryIn honor of Fury, here are my favorite ten military movies.  Military movies can be a tough watch, mainly because the subject matter is so serious.  Sometimes they are long, but often, they have great performances, so I mostly like to keep my eye out for military movies because they are usually a good time.  Here’s the list, see if you agree:

10.  The Hunt for the Red October – This is one of my favorite cold war films and features all the great things we like about fast-moving films, like good acting, action, a mystery, and great dialogue. 

9.  Paths of Glory – Not the easiest film to watch, but that doesn’t make it bad.  It is a great film and well-made.  Kirk Douglas gives an incredible performance.  This was one of Roger Ebert’s favorite films and I agree.

8.  Tora! Tora! Tora! – This is a Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day staple.  It may be one of the best Pacific war movies out there, and is on TV all the time when the military holidays roll around.  

7.  Black Hawk Down – When military movies were becoming a rare occasion, this movie came out in 2001.  It is one of the few great modern military movies.  It depicts a lot of violence and is in your face about it, but it works as great drama.

6.  Full Metal Jacket – This is the practical man’s war movie.  We’re on the front lines and see the gritty details.  It makes the list only because of Lee Ermey,  who makes the movie worth watching.

5.  Apocalypse Now – This essential war movie breaks through because of its all-star cast.  This one is on every essential military movies list I’ve ever seen.

4.  Saving Private Ryan – This movie is as gritty and moving as any other movie on this list.  It also has some great lines and memorable moments.

patton3.  Patton – This is the most classic war movie ever made, and the best performance George C. Scott has ever given.   I could watch this movie all the time if it wasn’t so long.  

2.   Glory – This movie is one of the best civil war movies ever made, and tugs at your emotional heart-strings.  It deals with real issues and is historical all at the same time.  Denzel Washington won an Oscar for his role in this film and I agree, he gives a moving performance.

1.  Schindler’s List – One of the best war movies ever made, this movie deals with serious issues we don’t often see on film.