Walking Dead First Impressions – “Strangers” ep 502

wdead502 Father Gabriel leads Rick’s group to his church, where the last religious man on Earth is hold up.  There are many things we learned in this episode, and more questions popped up.  For example, why do Beth’s kidnappers like to drive so much?  

We learn what is going on with the surviving Terminus folks and it looks like they’re pretty good hunters.  Gareth captures one of Rick’s pals and has a barbecue, so we learned that Gareth is pretty much a jerk.  And we learned he’s a cannibal.  We also learned that Rick is right about everything.  Why did they not kill Gareth in the last episode?  Why did Tyrese not kill Martin?  Why aren’t the group listening to Rick?  Why wasn’t there a Morgan cameo in this episode?

wdead503We don’t learn much about Father Gabriel and what he’s hiding, although it is pretty obvious.  He was hiding in his church and turning people away.  It’s only by luck that Rick and the group find him.   Gabriel doesn’t seem very effected by the apocalypse because he’s isolated himself from everything, from emotional connections, from the zombies, and from real people.  Is Father Gabriel trustworthy?  No, but he’s just a red herring in this episode, because the real threat is wandering around out of sight.

All in all, this was a pretty good episode.  I mean, not every episode is going to have explosions, endless gunfire, and battles up the wazoo.  And that’s okay.  This episode is a transition episode.  The show moved forward, which is actually a good thing.  The standout in this episode is Rick, because he pretty much carries the show, but the make-up was awesome and the ending was more awesome.  Gareth wraps up the program nicely, because I know everyone is going to tune in next week wanting to see him die.  


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