Top Ten Things From the 80s

pumps1Did you grow up in the 80s?  Do you know what was popular in the 80s?  I do.  Or at least I think I do, since I lived through it.  Some of these things I miss, but others I could just as well do without.  Some make me laugh.  All of them are things from the 80s!

10.  Pac-Man Arcade – The arcade Pac-Man was fun.  I’m not sure if they still have it, but the old style Pac-Man sticks out in my mind.  Amongst all the new games, I’d always play this when I was a kid.  

9.  Card Collecting – Do people even collect cards anymore?  The market dropped like a stone in the 90s and I don’t think it ever recovered.  I used to trade baseball cards with my friends.  Nowadays, there are digital commodities to trade online.  Times have changed.

8.  The Cosby Show – Bill Cosby embodied middle America.  This was the show everyone watched and everyone grew up with.  Everyone liked Bill Cosby and thought he was a great guy.  I’m sure that’s generalizing, but I guess in the 80s we didn’t know any better.

7.  Boom Boxes – These were huge radios kids used to carry around.  They were enormous and a hassle to carry.  I couldn’t afford a big one, but at least mine had radio and a double-cassette player.  Those were the essentials.

6.  M.U.S.C.L.E. Men – These toy soldier men were molded in a single-color plastic and sold in bulk.  They were masked wrestlers, monsters, and abnormal-looking angry men.  They were tradable, but mine just sat in my closet forever.  I never knew what the appeal was about these things.  Just about as worthless as Garbage Pail Kids trading cards. 

5.  Reebok Pumps – These things were hot and very popular.  You could “pump up” your shoes!  It was cool looking on TV, but held no practical purpose back in real life.  Pump your shoes? I could never figure out why you’d want to do that.  Apparently, the commercial said you could jump higher, but I never figured out how.

4.  Saturday Morning TV – Recently, the last of the Saturday morning cartoons were cancelled and an era ended.  Back in the day, getting up and watching cartoons was really fun as a little kid.  When I got older though, all I wanted to do was sleep in.  

3.  Super Mario Brothers – The original Nintendo was really cool.  I had to have one when they first came out.  The Nintendo came with Super Mario and DuckHunt.  Imagine a console coming complete with two games.  Super Mario Brothers was a fun game and pretty simple.  DuckHunt used this gun that I lost somewhere.

2.  Alf – Alf was funny in a campy sort of way.  Nobody admitted to watching it though and those that did watched it to make fun of it.  I couldn’t tell you what the show was about and I don’t remember any of the episodes.  It got old fast.

1.  The A-Team – This show as the best action show on in the 80s and took over for Dukes of Hazard when I thought the Dukes were too dumb to keep watching.  This show had Mr. T as BA Barracus, the biggest badass on television.  He was the draw of the show, there’s no doubt about that.  Every week the team would build something and outsmart the bad guys as much as pummel them or shoot at them without hitting them.  I always wondered how ex-Vietnam military guys could miss so badly with automatic weapons.  Anyway, nobody died and fun was had by all.