Top Ten Scary Moments in Movies

treesThere have been a lot of scary moments at the movies.  Horror movies have tried their best to frighten the crap out of us and some have done an excellent job.  But which moments are the best?  Here’s my list, see if you agree:

10.  The Thing – The chest scene is probably the best scary moment in this movie and establishes the bloody rules.  You are so freaked out by it that the dialogue is hilarious.  “You’ve got to be f*cking kidding me”.

9.  Texas Chainsaw Massacre Hammers – When Leatherface kills the kid with a sledgehammer, it is so simple and perfect.  It’s a great way to build the character and reinforce the tone of the movie.

8.  The Ring/Ringu – The television scene is one of the more unique scares I’ve ever seen.  It is slow and very frightening.  It jars the character in the movie and us along with him.

7.  Halloween – The original Halloween had a number of scares, but the best one is an understated classic.  After Laurie thinks Michael has bit the big one, he sits up like a bad ass.  It’s just as awesome as it is scary for Laurie.

6.  American Werewolf in London – The transformation scene is pretty darn good, even more awesome than Michael stalking all night long.  The make-up and effects are incredible.  We wince with how that must feel.

5.  Misery Breaks a Leg – I still wince and cringe when Annie breaks both of Paul’s legs.  The way she does it is just horrific and we feel his pain.  I think the most perfect thing about this scene is the sound.  We actually hear his leg breaking.  CRACK!

4.  28 Days Later – There are a number of in-your-face scenes in this movie, and I love all of them.  The slowest and most scary is probably the “hello” scene, where Jim awakes some zombies in a church and they chase him.  

3.  Session 9 – The best scene is when Hank runs in the basement, thanks to his fear of the dark.  That scene beats everything on this list on a good day.  At one point, Hank digs up some treasure and it looks like he’s hit it big.  As he heads down the tunnel, the dark overcomes him and he is literally running as the lights flicker out.  It is a great scene.

2.  Blair Witch’s Basement – The end of the Blair Witch project had me scared.  Before you say “LAME”, picture this movie as unique, not one in a sea of thousands of other lost footage movies.  It is decent enough at building up to the ending and does its job at using disturbing images, even though they are simple and not gory at all.

1.  The number one most scary moment at the movies is either The Exorcist or the original Alien.  It’s so close, I call it a tie.  The Exorcist wins for its atmosphere and the throw-up scene.  Alien wins simply because of the chest-burster scene.  Both movies do their job to build up to something and deliver a frightening experience.