Walking Dead Predictions – ep 503 Four Walls and a Roof

wdead503aSome tensions start to boil over in episode 503, Four Walls and a Roof.  From the sneak preview, we can see that Sasha thinks Father Gabriel had something to do with the disappearance of Bob, Daryl and Carol.  Carol and Daryl took off after Beth’s kidnappers, so she doesn’t know that they’re really alive.  

I think we’ll catch up with Carol and Daryl, but they probably become stranded away from the group for some reason.  That’s the only way to separate the characters and keep the show actually less crowded.  Spoil the Dead reports that Carol gets hit by a car and carted off by cops, back to where Beth is being held captive.  Since 504 is actually the Beth episode, I’m guessing we only get a brief Beth appearance, if any.  Daryl might go back to Rick for help, but I’m not sure about that part.

wdead503The Hunters keep watching the group in 503 and the confrontation might come at the end, where Bob turns up.  Bob is killed by The Hunters in this episode.  Bob reveals that they were eating tainted meat and has the last laugh, probably before they kill him.  Since The Hunters realize they will become zombies soon, they plan their desperate attack on the Church.

 The Hunters desecrate the Church and Father Gabriel confesses what he was holding back in the previous episode: he turned away the people of Terminus and they were responsible for the markings.  The people of Terminus could rationalize that they were FORCED to become cannibals because Father Gabriel wouldn’t share his food.  That’d be really something.  It’d be a guilt trip for Father Gabriel, there’s no doubt about that.  It would also raise the stakes.