Does Ultron have some Masters in Avengers 2?

avengers2Spoilers:  The Masters of Evil have had several leaders in Marvel comics history, not the least of which was Ultron.  Ultron-5 led a version of the Masters of Evil, which was an evil supervillain team started by Baron Zemo Senior.  I say senior because Baron Zemo has a son, also called Baron Zemo.  Zemo is nowhere to be seen in the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer, but Baron Strucker is rumored to be in the movie in his place.

avengers45Andy Serkis appears looking distinctly like Ulysses Klaw, the Masters of Evil minion.  Quicksilver and The Scarlet Witch appear in the trailer and also look very comfortable as Ultron’s minions.  I’m guessing they join the Masters of Evil along with Klaw.  They might fill out the roster nicely as reluctantly evil supervillains who later turn the tables on Ultron and join the Avengers. 

avengers6Meanwhile, there are some other shots in the trailer showing someone getting operated on in the trailer, though only the surgical equipment is shown.  The mysterious medical “victim” is in the background, but I’m guessing it is The Hulk, Bruce Banner. Ultron has one of his minions operate on Bruce Banner, making him into a raging son of a beast.  This is why Tony Stark is shown fighting The Hulk with his Hulkbuster armor.  Makes sense, right?  

As for who this mysterious “doctor” is, it could simply be a generic doctor, Ultron himself, or someone from Marvel comics.  It could be Dr. Karla Sofen aka Moonstone, but she was a psychiatrist in the comics, not a surgeon.  It might be the Fixer aka Roscoe Sweeney, but he wasn’t a doctor in the comics either.  I still have no guess for the details surrounding the “surgery” scene.

avengers7At the end of the trailer, Ultron can be partially seen dripping in a liquid metal, which is probably Vibranium.  This is the same thing Captain America’s indestructible shield is made out of, which is probably why it is broken in half as the trailer closes.  This also backs up the Klaw appearance, as he is closely associated with Vibranium.  He travels to Wakanda in the comics to seek the secrets of Vibranium, which is the homeland of THE BLACK PANTHER, his nemesis.  I think we’re looking at a Black Panther cameo, but not before Klaw steals the Vibranium for Ultron.