Top Ten Remakes Wish List

remakeHere’s ten things Hollywood could remake that I would actually watch.  It’d fit right in with the trend of every stupid thing Hollywood is doing these days, but could be entertaining if done right.

10.  Remake a Roger Corman movie – The point of Roger Corman movies were that they were low-budget and fun, but what if Hollywood didn’t do that and remade one of them with a huge budget and awesome special effects?  That might not suck too much?  How about a remake of Death Race 2000?  I might actually watch that.

9.  Nosferatu – This early vampire tale has a good following thanks to the modern retelling in 1979, but we need a GOTHIC and SCARY vampire tale, not crap like Dracula Untold.  But do we need this movie again?  Is it too classic to remake?  I say, why not, Hollywood needs some GOOD material, so here you go.

8.  The Green Berets –  This sixties John Wayne movie is underrated, but could be a military thriller for a new generation.  Movie audiences don’t really know much about green berets, but a special forces movie could be awesome.

7.  The Wizard of Oz – Am I insane here?  Do kids need a new version of this to be interested in the legacy of this movie?  I’m guessing PIXAR could actually do wonders with this concept.  That’d be something to see.

6.  Flash Gordon – I don’t think this movie will ever work for modern audiences, but it’s worth a try.  This could be a sprawling sci-fi adventure or an effects bonanza or both.  The problem is that the characters are outdated and need serious overhauling.

5.  Green Lantern – I need another version of this movie to sleep at night, since the first one was so awful and nightmarish.  We need a serious take, not an action movie disguised as a comedy.  I can’t even picture it right now, but maybe they should make someone else Green Lantern, not Hal Jordan.

4.  Forbidden Planet – In all seriousness, I’d actually watch a remake of this movie, even though I’d probably hate myself in the morning.  The original is a classic.  A masterpiece.  I’d watch a remake just to see what they could do with the effects.

3.  Shaft – As a retro movie, Shaft could be cool.  I can’t say who would be a good lead actor, but Shaft needs to kick ass and take names, like an old school 70s movie.  Maybe it could be a comedy or spoof.

2.  Highlander – This movie is king of epic fantasy and could go that route in a remake.  Maybe they should get David Fincher, because he loves to shoot the landscape and pan the camera pointlessly over the environment.

1.  Robin Hood – I need another Robin Hood movie, cause the Ridley Scott version was crap.