Walking Dead First Impressions – ep 503 Four Walls and a Roof

wdead7The Hunters drop off Bob at the group, but nobody has any safety in their Four Walls and a Roof.  A lack of safety is the main theme in episode 503.  Abraham probably feels the worst about it and blows up, wanting to take off like a scared jackrabbit, spouting some bullcrap about a brewing threat.  Predictably enough, Rick is not leaving some of the group behind.  He’s a hardened badass, after all.

Father Gabriel’s speech was pretty good, but it was more predictable than ever.  Later, he doesn’t have anything to say while Abraham and Rick argue, but Glenn is the voice of reason, surprisingly.  This is a good move for his character, who started as more of a guy who would duck from a fight.  He spent most of his first appearances ducking and running in the city, after all.

98 percent of the internet wanted Rick to kill Gareth on the AMC website.  This is not surprising.  And 45 minutes in, nothing surprising has happened, except Abraham’s blow-up earlier on.  He’s still there though, at the end, mostly because I think he knew Rick was right, deep down.  Even Eugene wanted to stay.

wdead504aDid anyone think this friggin’ episode was too dark?  I couldn’t even tell what was going on for a couple minutes while they showed Gareth and his group walking.  They showed a sign and revealed the Hunters walking over the hill very slowly.  It was like a David Fincher film, panning the environment pointlessly.  LETS GO.  PICK IT UP.  Once they did pick it up though, the scene wrapped up nicely.

Gareth was a great character, mostly because of his villainous nature.  A good amount of villainous nature has been missing since the death of The Governor, though even he showed something likable.  Gareth wasn’t likable at all, the prick.  

wdead8Greg Nicotero was interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter and tried not to reveal some of the upcoming secrets.  He commented that Daryl was likely to reveal someone surprising to Michonne in the next episode.  Spoil the Dead reports that it isn’t Carol, since she was hit by a car.  I don’t think it’s Beth either, because I don’t think Daryl would say that if she was behind him.  And I don’t think it’s Morgan either.  It’s probably a brand new character, from the hospital where Beth is, possibly a cop who has Daryl at gunpoint.  

Overall, I would say that this was an average episode.  It was WAY predictable, mostly because I’m too obsessed with predictions or something haha.  It did have some good character moments and it was nice to see the cannibals storyline wrapped up.  Luckily, it made like lightspeed and jumped into the next storyline right away at the end.  Daryl is with SOMEONE and we’re going to learn what happened to Beth next episode.